MFine Adds 70 new Hospitals in Delhi NCR to combat increasing COVID-19 cases 


MFine, an AI powered, on-demand healthcare service which enables virtual medical consultations has seen immense growth in New Delhi since March this year. The company has recently added 2,00,000 new users from the city on its telemedicine platform.

To keep up with the increasing number COVID-19 cases and rising demand for remote consultations, MFine added 70 new hospitals in Delhi, including Fortis Hospital, PSRI Hospital, and CK Birla Hospital.

MFine now has more than 140 hospital partners in the region and plans to add 500 more doctors through ongoing hospital partnerships. Apart from teleconsults, MFine also allows users to book radiology appointments and laboratory testing at-home through six leading lab partners and 60 radiology centers across Delhi NCR.

The situation in New Delhi is predicted to worsen during the winter months as the air quality in the region is severely affected by neighbouring states and industrial pollutants. Healthcare experts have also reported that the city’s residents may see an increase in COVID-19 cases in coming months as suspended materials remain in the air for a longer duration in colder temperatures.

MFine’s self-assessment tool, which was launched earlier this year, has been used by 38,000 patients in the city and more than 14,000 users have consulted for COVID-19.  MFine has observed that the most commonly reported symptoms by users in Delhi include COVID-19 and Flu-like symptoms such as breathing difficulties, cough, cold and fever.

People are also consulting on MFine for Gastrointestinal issues, Women’s health issues and Chronic issues like Diabetes, Thyroid malfunctioning and Hypertension.

MFine’s platform has been constantly evolving with new functionalities to create a holistic platform for users to not only access top doctors and specialists but also book lab tests and radiology appointments conveniently.

Currently, MFine is in partnership with laboratory chains and top hospitals such as Sarvodaya, CK Birla, Healthians, Thyrocare, Metropolis, Lifecare, Meditest and Neuberg so that patients can get tested at-home and seamlessly share their reports with the doctor through the app. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, radiology clinics have also seen a remarkable increase in patients visiting their centers.

MFine now allows patients to book their appointments online and receive their scans on the app. They have partnered with 60 radiology centers and hospitals in New Delhi including Sarvodaya Hospitals, Paras Hospitals, CK Birla Hospital, Apollo Labs, BR Diagnostics, and Amyrra Diagnostics.

Apart from gaining popularity in the capital, MFine is seeing a steady rise in consultations from nearby Tier II and Tier III cities. Patients who used to travel to Delhi for medical consultations are now using MFine to consult specialist doctors from the comfort of their homes.

MFine recently reported a 10X growth in its consultation business and 3X growth in the number of speciality and super-specialty consultations since March 2020. While the COVID-19 pandemic prompted users to consult on MFine for common health issues, the healthcare platform saw a phenomenal increase in consultations within the speciality and super speciality doctors, including consultations for mental health, pregnancy and chronic care management.

Staying at home has also catapulted common lifestyle disorders and symptoms such as headache, abdominal pain, back pain etc. which have stemmed from inactivity and lack of fresh air. MFine has seen 4X growth in the fields of Diabetology, Endocrinology and Cardiology from patients who can no longer visit their doctors regularly. MFine currently has 550 partner hospitals and 3500 doctors handling 10,000 cases/day across 30 specialitis.

Ashutosh LawaniaAshutosh Lawania, Co-Founder, MFine, said, “We have seen a huge uptick in the number of virtual consultations coming from Delhi and adjoining towns & cities during the winter season.

“This year with COVID-19 cases expected to rise, we have partnered with more hospitals to fulfill the increasing demand. We have ensured that our users can easily access top doctors in the city for both COVID and non-COVID issues.

“We hope to continue our efforts in the city and constantly improve the quality of care given to the users. We also recommend everyone to abide by the social distancing rules and avoid venturing outdoors as much as possible,” Lawania said.

Sameer Gupta,MD FACC FSCAIDr. Sameer Gupta, CEO, Metro Hospitals (Director of Cardiology), said, “We are already seeing a rise in the number of consultations in the city and MFine is helping our doctors consult with their patients through the platform. Given the current climate, patients are reporting flu-like symptoms and the number of chronic cases has also increased significantly.

“As a hospital, it is our responsibility to ensure that our patients can always reach out to us whenever they need our advice and MFine has helped our hospital seamlessly transition into a virtual OPD.

:Many of our existing patients are now using MFine to connect with our doctors to receive timely and continued care. We hope to continue the virtual consultations and provide our patients with the same level of quality care that they receive at our hospital,” Gupta added.

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