Faber-Castell celebrates the creativity of lefties on ‘International Left Handers Day’


While it is true that all people see or perceive the world in a different way, there is a certain generality that science has helped to clarify, such as the types of laterality of the body, the skills or abilities that are related to the supremacy over one or another side of the brain, and how this can influence the way we perceive situations.

There are numerous studies on the dominance of the right side of the brain in left-handed people and the relationship that could exist with the further development of creativity and visual or spatial skills, the studies are not conclusive and continue to be the subject of research and debate.

However, the explosive creativity that renowned artists have shown us over time, such as Vincent van Gogh and Albrecht Dürer, among others, are a wonderful coincidence in terms of colour, creativity and imagination with these theories.

For the scientist Martin Gardner, given that in the right hemisphere the taste, the capacity for music and the genius are also controlled and that left-handed people have better developed this dominance, it could explain that they are more creative thinkers. In addition, let us keep in mind that most of the time, they must deal with objects and realities thought of in the right hand, and this awakens their capacity to resolve the situation and adapt.

Image-Partho-Chakrabarti-MD-Faber-Castell-India-MediaBrief-e1595238931500.jpg“The percentage of left-handed people in the world is from 10% to 13%, so  many companies like ourselves have researched to develop special products that can generate a great experience of use, which are design to facilitate a better grip, more comfortable and smooth to three fingers, essential when writing”

Partho Chakrabarti, Managing Director, Faber-Castell, India

And while being left-handed, for a long time it had a negative connotation, forcing many even to become right-handed, today we can celebrate the creativity, ingenuity and greatness of right brain dominance!

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