EXCLUSIVE | Richa Singh, Natural Diamond Council: To the resilient women tribe, this too shall pass 


Richa Singh, Managing Director – India, Natural Diamond Council, has a proven track record of more than 23 years in marketing and general management spanning advertising, branding, category building of beauty and luxury products.

Richa started her journey in Advertising at JWT, focusing on consumer insights, creative strategy, development and execution. She then joined L’Oreal, in her 14 years there, she helped to scale up businesses across different segments and categories. During her stint, Garnier became one of the most trusted brands in India while the hair colour brand took the leadership position in the country. Richa went on to take on more challenges within L’Oreal, moving onto a business role in the salon segment and then to helm brands at L’Oreal Luxury.

Richa initiated the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) journey in India, establishing its objectives within the trade and collaborating with it to promote diamonds in India. She has been instrumental in building the aspirational dream around natural diamonds with Real is Rare, now Only Natural Diamonds and offering a platform to consumers that inspires and educates them on everything diamonds.

In this exclusive piece for MediaBrief, Richa pens down an open letter to all the strong, resilient women who shattered the glass ceiling, faced challenges with determination and grit and spread cheer that touched hearts despite adversity. Richa believes that what got us through this tough time was the strength, versatility, and integrity of women.

No one anticipated what 2020 brought to us, it was unusual and uncomfortable as we grappled with a situation that was uncertain. Times were tough and they tested all our might. But we stood strong, thought positive and focused on making things better in every way we could.

The world worked as one large team through all the hurdles that came our way. Each person was just as important, like the spokes of a wheel. Even if one fell apart the others brought them back by giving them hope. 

We are back to the month of March in yet another year, but the month has its significance. Last year in the same month we were at the beginning of a global crisis, the effects of which were unknown. This International Women’s Day is different as it brings with it the beginning of an end of a phase which will be remembered for generations to come.


A wave of happiness is in the air with people emerging from the lockdown and moving away from a sense of fear. This Women’s Day, we should acknowledge the importance of the resilient women in a global village – our world. 

Facing every adversity that came our way, we kept work and home well balanced in our roles. Be it a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend or CEO- she made sure she played her role with grace and sparkled even under tremendous pressure. The word ‘multitasking’ was personified as we cooked while talking of business strategy on a zoom call, both with immense ease.

From motivating a task force at the office to making Pizza for a special Friday night movie at home, we made everything happen to perfection. Smiling in the face of adversity, women spread across the cheer that touched the hearts of many. It was these small acts of kindness that kept life going. Everyone in the family understood how important the women of the house were, from managing everything big or small -around the house to balancing her work-from-home schedule.


Women are synonymous for strength and beauty, and one should take inspiration from them. The ‘never give up’ attitude reflects in everything they do keeping the anxiety in check. Things are finally going back to what seems like the ‘new normal’. But it is important to reflect on what got us through this time which was the strength, versatility, and integrity of women.

The same qualities possessed by natural diamonds which are miracles of nature just like our women tribe. They are the brightest- diamonds of every household with countless facets that reflect their many virtues. They emerge stronger and victorious from every situation. 

It’s time to cherish these women and say, ‘you go girl!’. Natural diamonds are a reflection of women, ethical, precious, and rare. Women wear these jewels as their armour to exude a sense of pride and confidence. They are timeless classics and give them a sense of strength and pureness.

The world is overcoming these turbulent times and it will keep doing so, as long as we are wearing the ornament- our smile on our faces. It is – my dream to walk into a room one day with every woman breaking the glass ceiling across all roles of life, wearing a piece of natural diamond jewellery. A piece she bought on her own to celebrate her achievements.