EXCLUSIVE: It’s all about well-curated, well-designed content: Dharmendra Ahuja of PitchWorx


Today, ‘Content is King’ seems to have become a platitude, but so is its presentation — which, by the way, is another manifestation of the playout of content in the commnication, so it comes back full circle – Content is indeed King. And design and a focus on aesthetics are the king’s ablest generals in business today. 

We caught up with Dharmendra Ahuja, Founder, and CEO of PitchWorx, a graphic design agency that helps brands with compelling designs and presentation.  Ahuja speaks about how PitchWorx works, how a well-crafted presentation will always leave a lasting impression on clients, on the animation industry and the kind of stimulus it needs to grow in India,  on the advantages of being a holistic design agency that empowers pitches of all kinds, and more. Read on

Tell us about PitchWorx and the services it offers.

PitchWorx is a graphic design agency that helps brands with compelling and persuasive visual communication material. Whether you are pitching to investors, vying for clients or promoting your brand our creative agency ensures to deliver strong audience-oriented messaging. Be it presentation design, an animated explainer video for a new product/service launch, a live video shoot, a refreshed company website, or marketing collateral, we design it all.

What differentiates PitchWorx from its competitors?

We believe that everything is a pitch, be it a start-up investor pitch, a corporate presentation, an animated explainer video, a website, social media graphics, or a simple brand communication collateral.

Our unique proposition is that we do it all whereas other agencies do not have the capability to handle all of these. They are either in one or at most two of these service segments. A client doesn’t have to manage multiple agencies for their regular graphic design needs.

How was PitchWorx received by the market when it was launched in 2012?

The original idea was to design and deliver visually stunning and compelling presentations for start-ups, SMEs, large corporate, and government organizations. We managed to win multiple clients in the first three months from both, India and the international markets, which was a clear indication that there was a big opportunity and pent-up demand waiting to be addressed.

We were the pioneers in designing presentations in India, and amongst the first few agencies to master the art of designing business presentations.- And as we continued to acquire new clients, we ventured into other related service areas of design production.

What makes for an impactful pitch presentation?

Designing impactful and powerful presentations is critical to business success. It’s about making an impact that influences your audience — whether you’re a start-up pitching to potential investors or a large corporate pitching your business or a new product or service.

The presentations created by our team of professionals are not only visually impactful, but they represent your messaging in a meaningful and persuasive manner so that your pitch gets the attention it deserves and can have the impact it set out to create.


What does a  day of a PitchWorx team member look like?

Agency life can be challenging but its also rewarding, fun, fast-paced, and creative. And so is ours! A typical day of a team member at PitchWorx starts with a brewing cup of coffee followed by a client call or internal call if you have to collect a client’s requirement, pick up an accolade or even slack at times while trying to deliver a client project before the deadline.

At PitchWorx we have a very high standard for quality of work, which is why sometimes long nights are almost essential. However, it’s easy to work past office hours when your work gets the recognition it deserves. But most days, you’ll be ‘home’ on time. With our diversified portfolio of clients, we give opportunities to explore different areas of expertise.

We make sure that our creative minds apply nimble thinking to create awesome stuff every day. And its not only work that keeps us going, but the fun too. Impromptu happy hours, festive and birthday celebrations, and more. We work smart and have fun at the same time. We take pride in that.

In today’s day and age of cut-throat competition how does a presentation made by the professionals of PitchWorx give clients an edge?

We have helped more than 500clientwins. Vying for new business, winning new investment, acquiring new clients or expanding geographies, we have helped deliver impactful presentations that have directly impacted their top line and helped them grow their business.

Today the world is driven by well-curated and designed content, so if any company needs to compete, their marketing communication material including presentations need to stand out.


What are the marketing strategies that PitchWorx has adopted to reach out to its target market?

India has been a major part of our success story. Over the last few years, we have seen continuous growth in demand from clients in India. When we launched PitchWorx, the business was 95% international and 5% Domestic. However, this has reversed now.

With our strong foothold on the clients across international markets including North America, Australia, the UAE and the UK apart from India, PitchWorx is also planning to expand its footprints in the USA and the UK region by setting up dedicated branch offices to target a wider client base in North America and Europe, as part of its expansion drive.

We are very aggressively using all available marketing tools, online and offline channels including but not limited to a dedicated SEO&SMM team; running high-budget PPC campaigns regularly on Google, FB, Instagram, etcetera; email marketing; a dedicated content team focused on our marketing efforts; PR outreach through a niche PR agency; frequent participation in various forums, events, conferences and industry trade shows in India and abroad to build brand awareness.

We also have business development representatives in Australia and the UAE focused on generating new business in their respective regions. Even during the pandemic, the demand from the Indian and international market for design services has grown. As the demand for digital design services is growing, it has created a positive story for us.

With companies cutting down on budgets due to the current pandemic, has your business been affected?

The pandemic has indeed changed the way the world operates, as a result of which sentiment for online businesses has gone up. It has pushed the existing business culture to rethink and transform digitally to sustain. It has also made people cautious about sentiment from the business standpoint.

With the need to take businesses online, creative design agencies such as PitchWorx have flourished. We have helped both, start-ups and large organizations, to transform digitally with the help of digital presentations, animated videos, websites, and digital communications.

With an exponential growth in demand for digital content, we’ve in fact hired new people during the pandemic and are looking to hire more resources as we grow.


PitchWorx also offers animation services, but overall, the Indian animation industry is still not on a par with the global standards. What are the reasons that are stopping us from achieving our full potential and how can we overcome them?

The Indian animation industry is fairly new but it is a sunrise industry. The overall share of animation-driven quality content has been consistently growing, and like any other growing industry, the quality of Indian animation output will also grow and mature over time.

We strongly believe that with the growth that we are witnessing in the video consumption and also the OTT segment, the quality standards of Indian animation will also grow to be at par with global standards.

In fact, over the past couple of years, we have seen a sudden proliferation of new-age media platforms thereby increasing both demand and consumption. We have also seen some very good high-end animation and strong audience-oriented storylines and it keeps on improving as the industry matures.

What does the future of the animation industry look like?

According to a recent KPMG report, the animation industry in India is expected to double in size to more than $2.6bn in the next 5 years. Of course, we need a lot of push from both government and private players – say if we could have a national center of excellence, and state-level initiatives to promote animation in the country, that could drive quality standards, set up new formats, drive employment opportunities and bring in FDI in the sector.

What else could give the animation industry the needed stimulus?

As large multi-national corporations like Disney, Netflix, Discovery, Nickelodeon etcetera decide to outsource or continue to outsource or produce a lot of content in India, we will witness tremendous growth in the number of students graduating in the animation field as the employment opportunities arise. This will bring the stimulus the industry needs from a size and quality standpoint.

OK, so for those who cannot come to you, what are some tips that can help them make their presentation impactful?


A presentation is an entire experience; not just a set of slides. It’s about purpose, strong messaging, and delivery. Have a concise audience-oriented messaging to grab their attention with content that is simplified and put out in a well-presentable manner. To perk up your audience, compelling visuals are what you need.

They grab and sustain audience attention and make a simple presentation more impactful. With our team of presentation designers, we create compelling presentations with vivid designs, story-telling and impactful communication that narrates the brand’s story.

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