Duroflex expands product portfolio, launches furniture and sleep accessories


With homes becoming the hub for family time, work and leisure, the need to make home spaces more comfortable and multi-functional has seen a sharp rise. Responding to this consumer need, Duroflex has launched a host of sleep accessories, designer beds and space saving multi-utility work and study desks.

With this product portfolio expansion, Duroflex aims to transform Indian homes into more wholesome hubs conducive for present day needs.  These meaningful items also make for ideal gifts this festive season.

The brand’s new product portfolio consists of a range of designer beds, multi-utility and space saving study/ work desks, a new range of memory foam pillows, comforters, slim mattresses and anti-viral mattress prorectors.

Smita Murarka, Vice President, Marketing, DuroflexSmita Murarka, Vice President, Marketing and E-commerce, Duroflex said, “Home solutions is one of the fastest growing categories in India today. The growth is fuelled by a need among consumers to make homes more comfortable and functional.

“As a brand committed to providing unparalleled comfort through our wide collection of mattresses, this product portfolio expansion into furniture and other comfort accessories is a natural progression for a consumer centric brand like Duroflex,” Murarka added.

You can shop for Duroflex’s array of new products from their retail stores across India or from the brand’s website https://www.duroflexworld.com/. These products also make for wholesome and meaningful gifts for your friend and family this festive season.

  • Multi-utility space saving work and study desks

Launched under Duroflex Home Ideas, this furniture range consisting of 2 models – Shuffle and Switchand are designed to be nifty, space saving and multi-functional.  Shuffle is a wall-mounted study/work table that is foldable and integrated with convenient storage shelves and Switch is a floor mounted foldable study/work table integrated with storage.

Price – Starting at INR 7,919/-

  • Duroflex Designer Beds

A range of designer solid wood beds that are both durable and ergonomic. This furniture range is made to complement the brand’s wide collection of mattresses and to elevate bedroom décor.

Price: Starting at INR 25,000/-

  • Flexi – Lightweight Travel-Friendly Slim Mattress

As the festive season calls for mini get-togethers with family and friends, the new Flexi from Duroflex can be presented as the perfect gift for a friend or yourself to use as easily extendable lounge zones. While it makes for extra seating for parties, it is also comfy enough for you to spend the entire day on. This multi-purpose, dual-sided slim mattress can be used as a place to unwind with a book, to meditate, or simply to laze around.

Price Starting at INR 2300 /-

  • Duroflex Memory Foam Pillows

The pandemic has not only raised the problem of back pain, it has also given rise to neck pain and other cervical issues. Bending over the laptop and stress from doing household chores has put tremendous pressure on our necks. Duroflex’s neck pressure relieving pillows are the perfect solution to resolve this problem. The pillows come with 100% memory foam giving full support to your neck.

Price: Starting at INR 1, 800/

  • Duro Safe Mattress Protector

Duroflex has expanded its product offering into health and safety with their latest innovation – the Duro Safe Mattress Protector, India’s first Antiviral Mattress Protector powered by Swiss technology, HeiQViroblock which can kill 99.99% virus and bacteria within minutes keeping you and your loved ones safe and protected. The Duro Safe Anti-Viral Mattress protector is also 100% waterproof, anti-dust mite and safe for skin.  It can be easily put on your existing mattress making it a simple, add on solution. Through this product, Duroflex has created a solution that aims to keep every Indian home safeand protected.

Price – Starting at INR 2099/-

  • Duroflex Snug: Reversible Comforter

Snug by Duroflex is a plush, fine quality comforter designed for a peaceful night’s sleep and unlimited snuggling. Featuring 100% microfibre 200 GSM filling which is also hypoallergenic, the anti-allergy comforter will stay warm yet feel light and luxurious.  It is neatly machine-stitched to keep the filling in place for unmatched comfort and extended durability. The comforter is reversible which means you can match it to your mood or your interior as and when required.  The lightweight comforter can also be easily machine washed.

Price – Starting at INR 2599/

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