In its bid to make Physician marketing effective and efficient, Doceree launched India’s 1st Integrated Programmatic Email Ad-serving Solution for Physicians, a product that brings in huge credibility in email marketing and promises to significantly enhance performance of email campaigns.

With the launch of Doceree DirectTM, the company, which is the World’s Largest Programmatic Physician Engagement Platform, has expanded its product offering in India. Physician marketing in the country is scattered and the announcement of programmatic email adserving solution is yet another attempt by Doceree to streamline the landscape.

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Dr. Harshit Jain

Dr. Harshit Jain, Founder & CEO, Doceree, said, “Pharmaceutical brands everyday send multiple emails to Physicians to keep them updated about an innovation or to engage with them about their products or services. However, the email opening rates are pretty low as they mostly end up in spam or in promotions section.

“This makes the entire effort of Pharmaceutical brands futile as click through rates (CTRs) are dismal. Post the pandemic, when Rx drug brands are actively embracing the digital medium, we saw the time to be apt to expand our product portfolio to further our mission and vision of bringing efficiency and effectiveness in Pharma marketing.

“In case of Pharma brands, emails are sent by unknown email addresses and so they end up in spam. With Doceree Direct, Pharma brands will be able to send targeted messaging to Physicians in a regulatory-compliant and precise manner.

“Rather than bulk mails being sent from unknown sources, Doceree DirectTM will work only with reputed and credible partners like National/ International Medical Associations, Medical Education Portals and Physician Networks, and utilize their email inventory. This will ensure that all the emails will be delivered to opted-in Physicians,” Dr. Harshit added.

World over, email marketing is a preferred mode of business communication with 73% of marketers choosing it to engage with their audience on a daily basis*. But the sad reality is that majority of the emails are not even opened once.

The company while analysing the reasons for low output of email marketing efforts of Pharma brands surmised that credibility of the sender plays an important role in the opening rates and effectiveness of any emailer campaign.

Doceree DirectTM will not only ensure that messaging sent by Rx drug brands are delivered into the inbox of Physicians, it will also help build an all-new source of revenue generation for doctor-only platforms.

Physician-only platforms also send multiple emails to their registered members every day. The emails, opted-in by Physicians and sent from a credible source like theirs, have a huge opening and click through rates (CTRs). This creates a potential revenue stream for professional platforms, yet not explored by them. Doceree Direct has built a unique revenue generation opportunity for them.

The company had launched its India operations in March 2020. To know more about Docree and Dr. Harshit Jain check:


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