‘How brands are creating meaningful experiences during the Coronavirus outbreak: Divanshi Gupta

image-How brands are leveraging marketing tools to create meaningful experiences during the Coronavirus outbreak by Divanshi Gupta MediabriefThe world is in a situation of crisis, and if you pause to look around and analyze the communication that is being shared, you’ll see that every brand, corporate or organization is re-aligning their communication strategy with the Coronavirus outbreak and the measures to remain safe and healthy during this time. Top-notch brands like Ola, Swiggy, Coco-Cola or Apple are not the only ones who are supporting the cause but also the native brands, which are prioritizing the safety of people above and beyond their marketing agendas. Thus these brands are extending their support to the governments across the world, and are becoming a part of the future narrative- in the struggle to fight the pandemic.

Presently, with people being locked down in their homes, there is a state of panic, frustration, and anxiety. And, brands understand that there is a need for inspiring the public as listening to news channels about the news on coronavirus is creating a negative effect on the populace on their physical as well as mental well-being. We, people, have never been caught in our homes for this long, not even during a house-capture as adolescents, so what do we do now? We need one another, we need relationships, and we need important and meaningful relationships to endure this. Furthermore, brands are working right on it; they are hitting the spot by building trust and creating value through their strategies.

Clients love brands, particularly when they are made to feel special, like when brands communicate with them directly or recognize them for their endeavours in connecting with them. Studies recommend that people feel humbled when their efforts or participation are acknowledged by brands no matter what the time is, imagine how will they feel when they have additional time on their hands to mingle with you? Brands marketers use every platform possible to engage their audience with their product/service, ranging from intriguing billboards to creative social media tools such as Go Live, Contests, ‘Ask me something’, forcing their customers into admiring their efforts. 

While we hopefully have left you all excited and inspired to create content and meaningful experience, we’d like to share some strategies that have been adopted by top-notch brands in our country and across the world that have stirred up a conversation in the media and marketing world, and have spread only good vibes:

  • Social Media Marketing:
    • McDonald’s India: McDonald’s wanted to take its patrons on a journey to their childhood while they are spending time with their families and to ensure that it happens, McDonald’s played the game of Instakshri on Instagram- the digital version of Antakshri to entertain and engage people. They played some latest Bollywood songs and asked people to guess the number.
  • OLA: Ola is a quirky brand, and that is what it did with its recent social media posts. The brand seamlessly married their USP with general thoughts that we people may have during Coronavirus lockdown. Below is an example of the quirky attempt by the brand:

social media post by OLA

  • ROF Group: Brands are taking every measure to try to stop people from going outside, and guess what ROF Group did?

ROF Group

  • Newspaper Ads/Print Media:
    • Lifebuoy Ad: Lifebuoy stood out in the market when it shunned the competition and shared a service message that encouraged people to wash their hands with soap (any soap). Communications like these encourage people to believe in brands and further strengthen their relationship.

Lifebuoy Ad

  • Email Marketing: 
    • Flipkart: While most of the brands across the globe across the world are going on and about Coronavirus, Flipkart is screaming ‘Activity Time’ to keep people engaged within their homes, by proposing a daily activity/challenge/task to them. One of the #Stayin21Days Activity:

#Stayin21Days Activity- Flipkart

  • Swiggy: is always apprehensive about the well-being of its customers and Swiggy takes it very seriously. From gentle reminders like washing one’s hands to unsubscribing the negativity in these times, Swiggy hits the human emotion spot on, in their email targeting:

Swiggy Email Marketing example

Swiggy Email Marketing example

    • Public Relations: In Public Relations, CSR activities play a big part in maintaining the image and engaging the target audience in a positive outlook towards the brand, and with it, brands are recognized as world heroes for their contribution to the fight against the pandemic.
  • Apple & Facebook: One of the most urgent measures that one had to take to protect themselves from Coronavirus was to cover their face, and to ensure that brands like Apple and Facebook distributed facemasks amongst their employees, distributor networks, healthcare workers and more in the USA and Europe region. Distributing masks is an act of care & concern, which spread positivity and only encourages a good image of the brand in these hard times.

Today, brands do not limit themselves to advertising on OOH, or TV or newspaper, but also across all the platforms mentioned above, and the target audience connects with them regardless of any place they are at. The above-mentioned examples are how the brands are taking the leap and engaging their customers into a creative and meaningful experience to build trust and maintain healthy relationships that last long.

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