Disney+Hotstar, MX Player, SonyLIV are top 3 OTT platforms in India (COTT – Wk 16/21)


Disney+Hotstar, MX Player and SonyLIV were the Top 3 OTT Platforms in Week 16 of 2021 (Apr 18 – Apr 24), per Chrome OTT’s popular list of Top 12 OTT platforms.

Week 16’s report of how the OTT Platforms acquitted themselves, the Top 10 shows across OTT Platforms, the Top 10 Binged shows, and the Top Movies is out, and reveals that MX Player‘s Hello Mini 3 and Bisaat secured the first and second spot on both the Top 10 shows and the Top 10 Binged list respectively.

Netflix‘s Queen of the South Season 5 secured the third spot on the Top Show List, while Disney+Hotstar‘s The Nevers took the third spot on the Top Binged list

Chrome OTT, which fills a major industry need-gap of credible currency for the measurement of usership metrics of the various OTT platforms that have seen a major upswing in sheer number of users and the time they spend on, with levels of engagement with, the OTT platforms, also reveals that in Week 16/21, Disney+Hotstar‘s The big bull continued to reign as thTop Movie.


Top 12 OTT Platforms in Week 16 of 2021 (Apr 18 – Apr 24)

Disney+Hotstar, MX Player and SonyLIV were the three top OTT platforms in India. Disney+Hotstar was the top OTT platform with a reach of 5.80% translating into 33.26 million unique viewers, followed by MX Player with 13.26 million unique viewers and a reach of 2.31%.

SonyLIV came in third place with a reach of 1.01% translating into 5.77 million unique viewers.


Top Platforms: At a glance



Unique viewers (In Million)*

Disney+ Hotstar 5.80% 33.26
MX Player 2.31% 13.26
Sony LIV 1.01% 5.77
VOOT 0.93% 5.33
ZEE 5 0.66% 3.83
Amazon Prime Video 0.37% 2.15
Netflix 0.24% 1.38
ALT Balaji 0.18% 1.07
ULLU 0.01% 0.05

Disclaimer: Platform level data is captured regardless of whether consumed via a paid subscription or by sharing of credentials amongst non-subscribers.

Top 10 Shows

MX Player‘s Hello Mini 3 and Bisaat secured the first and second spot respectively with 12.24 million unique viewers— a reach of 2.13% and 11.29 million unique viewers— a reach of 1.97% respectively.

Netflix‘s Queen of the South Season 5 came in at 3rd place engaging 1.82%  or 10.46 million unique viewers.


Top 10 shows – unique visitor numbers:

Unique viewers (In Million)*
Hello Mini 3 2.13% 12.24
Bisaat 1.97% 11.29
Queen Of The South S5 1.82% 10.46
The Nevers 1.76% 10.11
Hey Prabhu! S2 1.34% 7.72
Kathmandu Connection 1.06% 6.09
Forbidden fruit 0.87% 4.99
A Discovery of Witches S2 0.86% 4.91
Dr. Romantic 0.81% 4.61
Ghosted: Love Gone Missing 0.79% 4.49

Disclaimer: Show level data is captured regardless of whether consumed via a paid subscription, pirated /alternate platforms or by sharing of credentials amongst non-subscribers. As a result of which the reach of a show could be higher than that of the platform itself.

Top Binged Show

MX Player‘s Hello Mini 3 bagged the top spot on the list of top binged shows in Week 16 with 3.45 million unique viewers translating to a reach of 0.60%. Followed by another MX Player show Bisaat which had a reach of 0.49% translating into 2.8 million unique viewers.

Disney+Hotstar‘s The Nevers filled in the third spot with a reach of 0.46% and clocking in 2.65 million unique viewers.


Table: Top Binged Shows Unique viewers

Binged Show
Unique viewers (In Million)*
Hello Mini 3 0.60% 3.45
Bisaat 0.49% 2.8
The Nevers 0.46% 2.65
Hey Prabhu! Season 2 0.46% 2.64
Queen of The South S5 0.43% 2.47
Kathmandu Connection 0.40% 2.28
Dr. Romantic 0.33% 1.84
Big Shot 0.30% 1.71
Avenue 5 0.30% 1.71
Last Man Standing S9 0.28% 1.62

Top Movies:

Disney+Hotstar‘s The Big Bull continues to reign in the top spot with 21.81 million unique viewers translating to a reach of  3.80% in COTT week 16’ 2021 followed by  Disney+Hotstar‘s Downhill which garnered a reach of 1.34% and engaged 7.74 million unique viewers.

In the third place came The New Mutants on Disney+Hotstar which garnered a reach of 0.94% and engaged 5.57 million unique viewers.


Top Movies: At a glance

Unique viewers (In Million)*
The Big Bull 3.80% 21.81
Downhill 1.34% 7.74
The New Mutants 0.94% 5.37
1232 KMS 0.85% 4.9
Om 3d 0.82% 4.7
Jannu 0.54% 3.1
Lanka 0.49% 2.82
Women of Honour: Destination Army 0.46% 2.68
Bhouri 0.39% 2.25
Hello Charlie 0.39% 2.22

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