Image-Discovery-Plus-gets-250mn-plus-views-on-Dailyhunt-App-in-just-7-weeks-of-launch-Mediabrief-1.JpgDiscovery Plus, the exclusive video destination launched on the home page of news and local content discovery app Dailyhunt App on 8th March 2019, has raced off the blocks, garnering a whopping 250 million views in just 7 weeks from more than 9 million unique visitors on the app. Discovery Plus offers interesting short-form video content especially customized for the digital audiences in India, and on the DailyHunt app,

Interestingly, Science and Adventure-led content dominated most of the consumption, contributing 75% of the views. The consumption happened across India with views being streamed from 90% of the pin codes in the country.

The traction garnered by regional languages is noteworthy too – Bengali, Tamil and Telugu languages contributed 40% to the pie while English and Hindi contributed the remaining 60%.

The variety and quality of content on the DailyHunt App, coming as it does from Discovery’s verticals of Outdoor, Food, Wildlife, Science and Military, is a crucial factor in the stickiness and engagement. Moreover, not only is the content available in five languages (English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu and Bengali), Discovery Communications India  refreshes the videos, ranging from 1-5 minutes, every single day to keep up the freshness quotient that helps keep the thrill-seeking fans engaged.

Image-Megha-Tata-Discovery-Plus-gets-250mn-plus-views-on-Dailyhunt-App-in-just-7-weeks-of-launch-Mediabrief-1“Within first two months of the launch, it is heartening to note that Discovery Plus is emerging as a credible video destination for passionate enthusiasts looking for real-life stories that inspire, inform and entertain,” said Megha Tata, Managing Director – South Asia, Discovery Communications India. “The numbers are a testimony to the unexplored potential on digital media for the differentiated content offered by Discovery.  The advertising community too has appreciated the safe environment as well as the ability of Discovery Plus to target passionate communities at scale.”

Umang Bedi, President, Dailyhunt, said, “Dailyhunt has always supported original content and believed that our consumers are always looking for insightful, thought-provoking content such as that of Discovery Plus. These numbers are proof and go a long way in proving Dailyhunt’s reach across geographies and provide an insight into the consumer mindset that is skewed towards quality content”.

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