Discovery Kids’ premiere of ‘Kaal Ki Shatir Chaal’ witnesses 82% gain in slot viewership


Taking on from the success of three record breaking films from the Little Singham Character Franchise, in collaboration with Reliance Animation and Rohit Shetty Picturez,  Discovery Kids has once again won the hearts of kids across the country with the recent launch of Little singham V/s Kaal saga blockbuster Kaal Ki Shatir Chaal. This new blockbuster has emerged as No. 1 movie among kids channels in 2021 (year-to-date) joining the ranks of its predecessor Kaal Ka Badla – the highest rated Indian animation movie in 2020.

This brand-new special blockbuster Kaal Ki Shatir Chaal Co-Powered by leading brands such Byju’s, Yakult, Act II popcorn launched on 20th March 2021 on Discovery Kids witnessed an 8% gain in viewership, a 10% increase in reach. and 82% gain in the slot viewership. The slot was also leader in time spent as well as reach in the category.

image-Uttam-Pal-Singh-Head-of-Discovery-Kids-mediabrief.jpgUttam Pal Singh, Head, Discovery Kids, said, “The raging popularity of Little Singham, his swag, action and humour has aided the character to emerge as a foremost IP. What’s interesting to see is that the popularity of this franchise has extended beyond its hero, with its formidable villain Kaal being a favourite as well.

“We are super happy seeing the tremendous success of Kaal Ki Shatir Chaaland Little Singham franchise and will strive to keep producing content that is loved by our kid’s audiences across the country,” Singh said.

Image-Tejonidhi-Bhandare-CEO-Reliance-Animation-mediabreif.jpgTejonidhi Bhandare, CEO, Reliance Animation, “The Little Singham franchise has really struck a chord with our younger audiences. It’s heartening to see how they engage and respond to these unique characters, the challenges they present to our little hero and the messages imbedded into each challenge he faces and overcomes.

“Kaal may be a villain in the Little Singham universe, but to our audiences he is an important part of Little Singham’s adventures and the response we’ve received from his movies seems to underscore that sentiment,” Bhandare said.

In collaboration withReliance Animation & Rohit Shetty Picturez,Discovery Kids’ ‘Kaal Ki Shatir Chaal’, the brand-new blockbuster revolves around the villain Kaal and the shrewd plan he concocts with his buri shaktiyanof greed and anger, who have manifested as villains. Together they are out to destroy the earth.

Kaal sets some moves in motion which drains Little Singham of all his superpower strength, turning him into a normal kid but inevitably making him rely on his inner strength to defeat Kaal. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are what matters is your belief in yourself.

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