Delhi School of Communication conducts e-Orientation for 27th Batch


The formal Inauguration of the XXVII Post-Graduate Diploma Programme in Communication was held on July 24, 2021. Keeping with the digital trend of today, it was a virtual inauguration ceremony that was held from 10:00am to 12:30pm. The auspicious day began with ‘Ganesha Vandana’, as our talented students added vibrancy to the occasion, by rendering it virtually.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was  Manasvi Rasgotra, Director and CEO, MS Multitrade, Delhi & the Guest of Honour was V Bhaskar Preenja, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Contract India Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Then followed a formal induction programme, followed by an ice-breaking session organized by PGDPC XXVI.

Manasvi Rasgotra

Welcoming the students to a new reality, Rasgotra pointed out that  “a paradigm shift will be needed – from teaching to learning, concepts to application of concepts and from getting to aspiring for results”.

And he extended some tips on how this can be achieved –  by moving from “linear thinking to multidimensional, identifying and building on your strengths, learning to work as ‘teams’, to focus on being task-oriented, and to be hard-working and looking beyond comfort zones”.

Bhaskar Preenja

He also identified some broad directions that the students could follow – there can be no substitute for hard work, build an appetite for failure, truly understand ‘success’ so that it can be repeated, for the world is your playground, which he elaborated by sharing his personal experiences.

Preenja observed that technology was taking the world spinning ahead, the last two years and the pandemic brought in a tsunami of newer ways and processes in practically every aspect of our lives.

In the world of business, he noted – “In this fast paced digital economy we need to be nimble, agile and constantly learn the latest tools and platforms. We always knew that our learning curve should never plateau but, in today’s world we realise how important it is to keep egging it upwards.”

Yet, he cautioned – “However, don’t get overwhelmed with this. Because, despite all this constant flux and change, there is one constant. And it is the principles that govern even the newer technologies. It is the way the consumer thinks.” He pointed out the way ahead very clearly – “Let’s get our basics right and keep the mind open for every new platform and tool. And remember, the world isn’t changing rapidly. You are driving this change, every day.”

Prof. Ramola Kumar, Dean observed – “One needs to be the change itself and make things happen. Carve out your career graph.”

The Semester Scholarship award for Semester 2 went to Itika Juval. The Admission Scholarships for an essay on “The New Age Husband – Advertising Perspective” was awarded to Drishti Gupta for 1st position, Riya Saha for 2nd position and Nikita Pandey for the 3rd position.

The day ended with an ice-breaker session for the freshers, who were embarking on their new journey.