DaMENSCH launches influencers marketing campaign — #BreakDaNorm


In an ever-evolving world, what qualifies as ‘masculine’ traits? Who decides them? Decades of conditioning has created a culture that is now defined as “toxic masculinity” and now it looms over our heads like shadows of which we cannot get rid of.

Most of us don’t realize how hard-wired our minds are. In the desire to evolve the face of ‘masculinity’, DaMENSCH, a Premium Men’s Innerwear & Apparel brand, has launched a new Influencers marketing campaign, “#BreakDaNorm”. This campaign intends to welcome the progressive thoughts of true acceptanceand highlight inclusivity of people; not a suppressed shell of stereotypes.

The campaign was started on September 5for which DaMENSCH associated with male influencers who created interesting content and videos that was promoted across social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, etc. The campaign was promoted by SiddharthBatra (famous for #GuyBeauty), NakshatraBagwe(A Vocal member of the LGBTQ community), Milind Chandwani (A social worker) and Naved Qureshi (A single dad and Fashion Blogger), who all are successful in their respective ‘non-traditional’ fields, and believe that masculinity cannot be boxed into a definition, just like a human being.


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This is THAT video, y’all 💦💛 Just nothing to say, but so much to say through this piece of content that’s so close to my heart. A free life, doing ‘normal’ things and loving myself everyday. Norms? Don’t care, bro 🤪😂 #BreakDaNorm . SHARE YOUR #BreakDaNorm story and tag me, it’s time 💛 Stoked to be a part of the most relevant campaign by @damenschofficial- still here for their most comfortable Aer Soft Micro Modal Undies, made for men who live by their OWN rules. I do, you? 😍😍😍 . Use code DM10 to get 10% off! . Shot/edited by @mvng.in by @yugammonga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #fashionvideo #fashion #style #ootd #toxicmasculinity #fashiontips #fashionhacks #styletips #stylehacks #beauty #beautytips #beautyvideo #makeupvideo #beautyhacks #makeuphacks

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This is me. I am masculine. Masculinity is inside me and not for the world to tell me that I have it. _ Gender conforming norms never kept me from discovering how beautiful being a man is. _ It’s high time we #BreakDaNorm around Masculine stereotypes and understand ourselves as humans. Let that man inside live a life of freedom and not expectations. _ It’s time YOU SHARE YOUR #BreakDaNorm story and tag me. Would love see your interpretation of masculinity too! _ I am grateful to @damenschofficial for coming up with a close-to-heart campaign, felt amazing while speaking the truth about being a man. _ Absolutely love the new printed innerwear collection that’s made from oh-so-soft & most comfortable Aer Soft Micro Modal! _ Use my code SHN10 to get 10% off on your DaMENSCH purchase! _ Also, don’t forget to check DaMENSCH on instagram for the daily dose of #ProgressiveMasculinity _ #DaMENSCH #masculinity #BreakDaNorm

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image-Mohit-Ahuja-Brand-Manager-at-DaMENSCH-mediabrief.jpgMohit Ahuja, Brand Manager at DaMENSCH, said, “I feel that emotionally men have a problem, a blockage that comes from what we consume, in movies and our surroundings. We do not speak about how we feel because it shows weakness, because it isn’t what we were taught growing up. With this campaign, we as a brand wanted to bring in inclusivity and break stereotypes.”


image-Shinjana-Chakraborty-Social-Media-Manager-at-DaMENSCH-mediabrief.jpgShinjana Chakraborty, Social Media Manager at DaMENSCH, said, “Social media has strengthened, especially since the lockdown began. It has the power to communicate and stitch the society together, as we have seen in the last couple of months like in the movement “Black lives matter.” The beauty of social media is, we create a movement for values that matter and it picks up like forest fire if your proposition is right.”

Naved Qureshi, Influencers, said, “Promoting a subject which has always been very close to my heart gives me immense satisfaction. I believe, masculinity is not being having a beard, muscles, disliking pink, it’s about being emotional and strong yet soft from inside. DaMENCSH intends to highlight exactly the same thought and break the stereotypes.


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This video is about me, about something I have believed, practiced & stood by all my life! I am emotional, I like pink, I talk fashion, and I am a blessed father to a beautiful boy! I believe it is time we #BreakDaNorm around Masculine Stereotypes with @damenschofficial SHARE YOUR #BreakDaNorm story and tag me. Would love to recognize & reward a few 🤗 Also love the new printed Aer Soft Micro Modal collection. SO SOFT! Use my code NAV10 to get 10% off! P.S. don’t forget to check DaMENSCH on IG for the daily dose of #ProgressiveMasculinity Not #toxicmasculinity . . . . . . . . . #Fashion #FashionBlogger #LifestyleBlogger #ootd #BangaloreFashionBlogger #dadstyle #midlifemodel #styleblogger #menswear #mensfashion #beard #malemodel #bangalorefitnessblogger #IndianFashionBlogger #Influencer #Model #IndianInfluencer #fashion #bornoninstagram #instafashion #daddy #navedqureshi

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