Connekting Dots PR & Brand Communications bags 3 new accounts 


A very impressive hat trick in bagging 3 new and major clients by a boutique PR & Brand communications company. It’s time we recognize these unsung small business heroes on how they are pivoting their business models and impressing their clients with curated micro strategies and attention to detail even through these chaotic rudderless times.

Connekting Dots has been noticed to recently launching and representing three brands COPTER 7 – Beers and Artisanal Chocolates by 7InkBrews with “MS DHONI’, the ideal icon for modern India being the Brand Ambassador and the shareholder. A joint venture capital of DHONI Entertainment with

Black White Orange for “Captain 7”- India’s first animated spy universe series. Dhoni Entertainment Pvt limited, headed by Sakshi Singh Dhoni. Apart from these three their previous cliental portfolio includes Monika Enterprises – a successful premium liquor importing and distributing business, International celebrity Chef Sarah Todd and the hospitality sphere endeavour in Mumbai and Pune.

The agency unveils the most unique blends of specialization in media relations, corporate positioning, social media, content strategy and design to stand out with an exquisite work ethic and the constant urge to excel in the industry.

This strategy also unveils a new trend in showing how bigger brands are also looking for vested partners, rather than just a fancy rooster list. Which brings the sunny side up for a lot small businesses and inspires them to bloom with the right strategy & commitment?

Neha Khilnani, Founder & CEO brings up a team of creative and strategic minds to add value to the core business with making it one of the promising boutique agencies in the field of Public Relations to strike the right chord between creating ideas and implementing them from developing powerful strategies, and executing alluring stories, Neha truly believes in building lasting relationships that transcend brand identity and messaging to the right target audience.

It all starts with owning the brand & the client’s vision. ‘STRUCTURED REMOTE’ working has also been a key mantra for us through this tumultuous time & global war with Covid-19.

Neha, Founder & CEO, Connekting Dots PR & Brand Communications, said, “I truly believe results speak louder than words, we are absolutely ok being under the radar, as that is the crux of our industry. We make the client shine in the sun whilst a PR agency is busy creating its orbit.

Connekting Dots continues to connect and expand into the Hospitality, Lifestyle, Wellness, and now in the Food & Beverages Retail and Entertainment domain representing with innovative ideas, venturing into new domains and exploring new outlets which have remained untapped until now.

They are truly focused on their Brand vision which is Connect: the vision, mission & personality. Know yourself and the augmented presence of your digital product. Inspire: constantly reinvent to inspire your own team and those around you. Engage: engagement is the key and also a result of all your efforts. When strategy, vision & inspiration align you achieve targeted audience engagement as a natural by-product which is the primary goal.