Comscore ranks BBC as #1 international news website in India


The BBC Sites (consisting of all BBC sites visited by Indian audience) had 43 million unique visitors in India in Dec 2020, the highest in the period post peak pandemic BBC Sites in India also saw 98% growth in unique visitors in Dec 2020 v Dec2019. Overall the BBC saw higher growth in APAC than the global average with a significant increase of 48% unique visitors in 2020.[i]

However, it’s not just breaking news that saw success, the BBC’s non-news feature sites also saw huge growth of 44% across the region, with the highest growth coming from India with a 65% increase year-on-year. [ii]

In India, BBC Future saw staggering growth of 143% visitors YoY, while BBC Worklife saw 78%, BBC Travel 30% and BBC Reel 27%.

image-Rahul-Sood-Managing-Director-BBC-Global-News-mediabrief.jpgRahul Sood, Managing Director, BBC Global News, India, said, “These figures speak for themselves. During the crazy global news cycle of the last year audiences are turning more and more towards news sites that they know they can trust.

“The staggering growth in our features sites show that not only the audiences are having more time to indulge their passion points, but it also highlights the quality of the long form content that we produce outside of breaking news,” Sood said.

[i]Source: AT Internet, APAC, March – December 2020 vs. March- December 2019

[ii]Source: AT Internet, APAC, March – December 2020 vs. March- December 2019 and AT Internet, India, March – December 2020 vs. March- December 2019

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