Comscore APAC online trends: 43% adult Indians went online in September 2020

Image- comscore-apac-online-trends -MediaBrief.jpg

Comscore‘s latest global report, on ‘Digital and CTV trends to watch in 2021‘ highlighted saw the size of the digital populations in the Asia-Pacific region which propelled upwards by the events of 2020. In nearly all countries the proportion of residents who went online increased in 2020.


Insights into the demographic composition of the digital populations in the Asia-Pacific region shows that in most countries both genders are equally represented online, except in India and, to a lesser extent, in Malaysia, where males are more represented.


When it comes to age however, India, Indonesia and Malaysia tend to have younger online populations. On the other hand, in highly urban and industrialised countries average audience age tends to be higher.


The disruptions caused by COVID-19 have prompted people to re-engineer the way they work, socialise, and organise themselves. This is reflected in the data: in the table below we see that some of the content categories that benefited most from the events in 2020 were Business to Business, Education (which we reviewed in more detail here), Entertainment and Games (as offline venues were closed), Government and Health.


With much of the world still battling Covid-19, it is likely that many of the behavioural changes that were expected to be temporary in the Asia-Pacific region, will turn out to be anything but. For brands and advertisers seeking to anticipate the ensuing long-term shifts in this region, we will keep updating this data.

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