For cryptocurrency investments, CoinSwitch Kuber launches campaign


CoinSwitch Kuber, India’s fastest growing cryptocurrency investment platform has launched digital campaign, #HarNukkadPeKuber, to raise awareness around cryptocurrency investments in India. The campaign aims to educate people about cryptocurrencies and how they can safely invest in this new asset class.

The campaign is live on CoinSwitch Kuber’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter handles. It has been conceptualized by ‘Nukkad by STAGE’ (Wittyfeed), a leading video-first content company with over 275k subscribers on YouTube.

Shot in Hindi, the campaign employs the storytelling approach to discuss what cryptocurrencies are, how are they different from fiat money and debunk common fallacies surrounding cryptocurrency investments in India. The video film acts like a beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency investments and takes users through the fundamentals of this new asset class one at a time.

In an engaging way, the video answers all the doubts that investors or potential investors may have around cryptocurrency investments, including their legitimacy, security and perceived entry barriers.

It explains how cryptocurrency investments can be made for as low as Rs. 100, how there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies to invest in apart from Bitcoin and how cryptocurrency investments involve risk like at the stock markets and therefore one should allocate assets accordingly.

Ashish SinghalAshish Singhal, CEO and Co-founder, CoinSwitch Kuber, said, “The demand for cryptocurrencies has been strong across the globe, predominantly amongst retail investors. In India too, since the launch of Kuber in June this year, we have scaled to 400k users and clocked investment worth Rs. 500 Cr. That said, we have barely scratched the surface yet.

“The acute shortage of verified information about cryptocurrencies, especially in vernacular languages, and a barrage of misinformation doing the rounds, we thought it would be a good start to come up with a video campaign that will provide investors with the right information about cryptocurrencies, clarify their most common doubts and explain how they can safely invest in this new asset class,” Singhal added.

CoinSwitch Kuber is India’s fastest growing INR-crypto on-ramp platform. Kuber is a product developed exclusively with the retail investor in mind. Within four months of launch, the platform has over 400k users.

With a razor-sharp focus on customer experience, Kuber aims to simplify crypto currency investments for retail users in India. It provides best rates to its users by aggregating liquidity from top Indian and global crypto exchanges and supports 100s of cryptocurrencies for users to buy and sell using Indian rupees.

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