At a time when the human spirit is being tested like never before, we caught this very special ad from Coca-Cola, To The Human Race, that showcases the “reasons to believe” in the middle of the coronavirus crisis.

Coca-Cola’s been running a campaign called The Spirit of the Human Race, because, it believes in its “long history of celebrating hope, positivity and togetherness.”

The company has said, “At a time when the human spirit is being tested like never before, we can inspire people to regain their faith in humanity, by showcasing the “Reasons to Believe” in the middle of the coronavirus crisis.”

This is an excellent video that would inspire any and everyone. Yes, there has been unimaginable extent of death and devastation, those who have borne the worst brunt are and will remain inconsolable for long, but in the end, as this spot says, there is optimism and hope, and humanity, brothers and sisters unite for our families.

The only dampner on this? Coca-Cola could’ve been more circumspect, and perhaps the creative brain at the table should have told the marketer to shut up, but alas, apparently did not, because this beautifully, sensitively created and written video actually — yes, actually — ends with the signoff: ‘Thank you for filling the glass with kindness and hope.’ Really? Couldn’t let go that indirect reference to the quintessential glass that Coca-Cola fills most times with mountains of sugar (or aspartame!).

But leave that thought for now, and appreciate that this excellent film from Coca-Cola is great testimony to the resilience and selflessness of the human spirit. Oh, and to be fair, this ad from Coke is a rare one without a single can or bottle of Coke in any frame, and happily, the music is as uplifting as the video- and supers narrative.