CNBC-TV18’s Storyboard and Twitter collaborate to launch a special series ‘#BestofTweets’

Image-CNBC-TV18s-Storyboard-and-Twitter-collaborate-to-launch-BestofTweets-MediaBrief.jpgCNBC-TV18’s Storyboard and Twitter come together to introduce #BestofTweets – a special series focusing on winning brands that are culturally relevant and are leading with purpose.

Storyboard is CNBC-TV18’s iconic weekly, flagship show, focusing on the A-Z of brand building, marketing and communication; featuring the biggest names from the industry to share expert perspective and insight as leaders of the A&M community.

It highlights brands that set trends and often break consumer engagement records across platforms through unique propositions, technology enabled innovations, performance marketing and virality backed by deep consumer insight and connect.

To further push this endeavor, especially with 2020 being an extremely unique and poignant year with consumers on the constant lookout for deep sense of community, belonging and interest sharing and for brands to be heard, stay connected and be culturally relevant, CNBC-TV18’s Storyboard has partnered with the most sought after and go-to platform for what’s happening – Twitter, to launch a special series, #BestofTweets. The series kicks off with its first episode namely, Best of Tweets ‘Brands Leading the way’ on Saturday, 28th November 2020 with an illustrious panel of guests.

Twitter is well known to be the place for brands to launch something new and to connect audiences with what’s happening. Brands actively participate in this transformation by building impactful Twitter-led campaigns that lead to change, raise awareness and shape conversation. The series will aim to bring forth such remarkable brands, noteworthy advertising, and interesting content that created the most buzz during the year.

A limited series, #BestofTweets will dive deep into the new nuances of digital marketing, by showcasing the pioneering and impactful campaigns of the year gone by on Twitter and the leading brands that led with innovation and created a lasting impact on the people. It will also include iconic brand-audience moments on Twitter; along with industry-experts and thought leaders who shine light on the trends and expectations of the year to come.

Blending this assessment with CNBC-TV18 Storyboard’s ability to focus on a brand’s vision and strategy and offer viewers a 360 degree perspective, #BestofTweets promises to offer much-needed brand insights and momentum during these times.

The first episode of the series will see industry-leaders, Manish Maheshwari, Managing Director, Twitter India and Sapna Chadha, Senior Marketing Director, Google India and South East Asia offer a microscopic view into the marketing trends in 2020, including the brands’ use of digital platforms to engage with their consumers. Taking on the branding elocution, Amarjit Batra, Managing Director –

India, Spotify and Vikas Agarwal, General Manager, OnePlus India will share insights on the need to redefine customer engagement and why it isimportant for brands as well as businesses today to be culturally relevant.

Curated segments in December and January will showcase unique campaigns and explore new themes. Furthermore, in December 2020, the series will have an additional treat for the viewers – an hour-long year-end special focusing on the best campaigns on Twitter in 2020.


Smriti Mehra, CEO, Business News, Network18, said, “For over two decades, CNBC-TV18’s Storyboard has been the platform of choice for everything related to marketing and advertising in the country. It is the one-point access for brands across industries to share their stories, explore fresh ideas, and earmark trends and insights.”

“This year being so extraordinary, with never-seen-before events and experiences, saw brands and consumers engage and interact even more on digital platforms, to stay connected and be heard.”

“Thus, it is only befitting that we partner with Twitter, a platform that is becoming the barometer of what people want, and bring forth the remarkable campaigns and initiatives that shaped the narrative of one of the most defining years in modern times,” Mehra said.

Preetha Athrey, Head Marketing, Twitter India, said, “Every day, we are seeing opportunities for brands to build connections, shape conversations and create impact in the life of consumers.”

“As one of the frontier news networks, CNBC-TV18 was the perfect partner, and Storyboard the perfect show, to reach out to the business community, and talk about how marketing is evolving by highlighting some of the best campaigns Twitter has seen, with #BestofTweets,” Athrey added.

The #BestofTweets series will bring forth new nuances of online marketing, motivating the audience to view branding in a new light as well as adapt to this evolving scenario. It will also be a guide in assessing and embracing new innovations that the game-changers adopted to stay connected during these tough times.

Viewers can watch the show on Saturday at 8.30 am and repeat on Sunday at 11.30 am and 2 pm, on CNBC-TV18 and

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