Chingari,  Radio City join hands to offer more digital content plus variety to a niche user base

image radio city chingari join hands to offer more digital content and variety to niche audiences mediabriefRadio City has partnered with Chingari, the social-commerce app,  to promote the growing demand of digital content for a niche user base.  This collaboration between the two has sprung from the objective of providing both — entertainment to the people amidst the pandemic and expanding the brand presence for both the media hubs.

The two brands have talented content creators with different content ideas,  and an amalgamation would work well for the audiences thanks to the different outlooks and influx of new ideas.

On World Music Day, Chingari also organized a music concert with Radio City as the event’s Radio Partner. The objective of the event was to help those affected by Covid-19. Hence, 100% of the profit made from the concert went in support of the country’s fight against COVID-19.

image-Sumit-Ghosh-Co-founder-and-CEO-of-Chingari-App-MediaBrief.jpgSumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO, Chingari, said, “Radio City is a brand that resonates authenticity, creativity and entertainment in the true sense which stands in line with our brand principles. Therefore, the collaboration is completely focused towards creating an environment of robust entertainment that will remain in the hearts of the audience for a long time.

“Chingari has always focused on becoming the voice of the independent content creators and this collaboration will be another way of meeting our objective of promoting talent by expanding Chingari’s user base through the broadcasting platform. Vice versa it will attract the audience on our platform to interact with the amazing radio shows on Radio City,” Ghosh said.

image-Ashit-Kukian-CEO-Radio City-on-GPTW 2019 win-MediabriefAshit Kukian, CEO, Radio City, said, “For us at Radio City, our main aim is to connect with the masses with music and entertaining content. It was a wonderful experience to partner with Chingari, to promote the exceeding demand of digital content.

“Radio City has always been at the forefront to bring about a positive change in the minds of listeners, society and nation at large, and this association with Chingari is in line with our brand philosophy of Rag Rag Mein Daude City,” Kukian said.

Image-Deepak-Salvi-COO-Chingari-App-MediaBrief.jpgDeepak Salvi, Co-founder & COO, Chingari,  said, “Having Radio City join hands with us in a partnership is a privilege. The two brands have forever focused on helping the audience in one or the other way. This collaboration will help us do even more for all the independent artists. While the audience will get unlimited entertainment to relieve them of their stress during the current times, at the same time they will also get extended exposure and a chance to interact with new faces.”