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Marketing today is much about demonstrating the right amount of care and the kind of good behavior that millennials and Generation Z-ers expect and demand from brands.  The Kumbh Mela is always a huge ‘brandwagon’ for brands to clamber aboard – there really isn’t anything bigger in what it offers. One liked how a leading tyre manufacturer like CEAT, which literally drives its campaigns on the wheels of safety, ideated to come up with a campaign that was more like a convenience and safety initiative of use to the people at Kumbh this year.

Here’s what CEAT did at the Kumbh Mela that started on the 15th of January 2019 as the world’s largest religious gathering which got over only around yesterday: Seeing that three of the biggest challenges at Kumbh traditionally have been injuries, crowd control and women’s safety, CEAT introduced a Safety Banner which acted as a single, common solution to all the three problems.

The Safety Banner.

Not a banner of the digital kind, in pixels, but the metal-and-cloth/canvas kind, physical, foldable banner that could ‘change’ from an enclosed changing room for women to a flat folded stretcher to ferry the injured to a medical care centre or an ambulance, to a screen that could be used for crowd control or directions.

Obviously no brand could have taken such banners to all 130 million pilgrims’ nevertheless, reaching out and being available at least at some spots to help women and others, and thereby behaving as a company that cares, CEAT did take its motto – making mobility safer and smarter everyday – to a good level and place.

The idea of the campaign didn’t jostle for place and attention in the overcrowded space of the Kumbh. Instead, through its Safety Banners, it made itself useful in a way that would have gone down extremely well and equally deep – I mean, helping women change while covering their modesty in a vast, overcrowded public place? It couldn’t have gotten better, more thoughtful, and genuinely, protectively gallant.

Great initiative.

Your thoughts, please