CARS24, leader in the pre-owned vehicles segment, launches new campaign ‘Duniya Boli Lagayegi’ to empower sellers with a wide network of buyers and complete support. Released with an aim to highlight the immense network that CARS24 has across the country and its Unique Bidding System, the ad film is launched on the television and on social media pages of CARS24 including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The ad film features a car owner asking his ‘Mamaji’ to help him sell his car. While the ‘Mamaji’ did manage to line up a queue of limited prospective buyers with limited options for the car, a CARS24 executive hops into the pictures helping the car owner with multiple buyers from different parts of the country ensuring full responsibility of driving the conversations with all the buyers.

The ad film highlights the strong network of genuine buyers at CARS24 platform and its ‘Unique Bidding System’ that will help sellers fetch the ‘Best Deal’.

image-Nida-Naushad-Brand-Head-CARS24-MediaBrief.jpgNida Naushad, Head of Brand, CARS24 said, “For most of us, our cars are our prized possessions. We care for it and maintain it well. And eventually, when the time comes to part ways with it, the least that is expected is to get a decent buck for it.

“However, the potential to get the best deal for your car is compromised when one depends on unverified sources and a smaller buyer base appraising your car.

“Our Unique Bidding System revolutionizes the car selling process by providing the seller access to tens of thousands of genuine buyers from across India; all of whom are lining up for a chance to buy your car with their winning bid. This entire system empowers the seller and guarantees them a best deal every single time,” Naushad said.

Image-Ritu-Sharda-MediaBrief-scaled.jpgRitu Sharda, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy (North) said, “We all know how tedious it is to find a buyer for your car, who is also willing to give you the right price. The edge that CARS24 has over the competition is its Unique Bidding System where a car seller gets bids from all over the country ensuring the best price.

“The bidding and the scale at which it operates amazed us, and we wanted to capture that very scale in the simplest manner possible. This is when we came up with the thought, “Duniya Boli Lagayegi”, and demonstrated it with the visual idea of a never-ending queue that goes all over the country.

“The idea not only helped us in putting the car seller in the position of power but also shows the simplicity with which a car can be sold on our platform.”


Ogilvy Team:

Designation Name
Branch Head – President North Shouvik Roy
Chief Creative Officer – North Ritu Sharda
Creative Director Copy Seby John
Creative Director Art Saji Johnny
Account Management Pawan Bhatt
  Siddhartha Ghose
  Tanweer Ashraf

Ramesh Deo Production Team:

Director Abhinay Deo
Producer Apurba Sengupta
Production House Ramesh Deo Production

CARS24 Marketing Team:

Designation Name
Co-founder and CMO Gajendra Jangid
Head of Brand Nida Naushad
Brand Manager Vishesh Arora

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