CARS24 rolls out new educative campaign ‘Dates or Best Rates Film’


E-commerce platform for pre-owned vehicles, CARS24, has rolled out its latest digital film “Dates or Best Rates Film” that aims to create awareness for benefits of organized car buying and selling and how CARS24 is making the tedious and tiresome process of buying and selling cars convenient and hassle free by taking it online.

Set in a traffic signal, the prank film features a cyclist with a megaphone driving across cars with an agenda in mind. He humorously persuades the car owners stationed at the signal to sell their cars in exchange for dates.

The dramatic breaks and sound effects in the music further elevate the scene capturing honest reactions to the prank. And the final Voice Over- ‘With CARS24, You Will Never Have a Chance Of Being Pranked’ brings the scene together delivering the essence of the film.

This is an exaggerated, but true, implication of what consumers experience when they decide to sell their cars in the market. The experience often leaves them dissatisfied and they usually think “Could I have got a better price for it?”.

It further goes on to convey that at CARS24, consumers not only get the best price but also the best quality capturing the true condition of the car for an enhanced consumer experience. With efficient doorstep delivery of cars, friendly return policies and warranties, CARS24 has always aimed at providing customers with an efficient and reliable platform for their requirements.

image-Nida-Naushad-Brand-Head-CARS24-MediaBrief.jpgNida Naushad, Head of Brand, CARS24, said, “At CARS24, we aim to showcase relatable scenarios and experiences of the everyday consumer and this set up of a traffic signal is extremely powerful and resonating.

“Also, Tamil Nadu is an important market for us and through this light-hearted fun film, we wanted to bring light to how CARS24 is transforming the Indian pre-owned car industry and it is time for everyone to reap the benefits of this transformation,” Naushad said.

Deepan Ramachandran, Founder, Mind Your Language, said, “Mind Your Language! helps national brands connect to South India. We identify relevant insights and cultural connections to create brand stories that strike an emotional chord with the South Indian consumer.

“In Tamil Nadu, there is a popular practice of exchanging scrap metal for dates. Thanks to a few comedy scenes in Tamil cinema, this fading custom has been preserved in the hearts of Tamilians. For CARS24, we gave this age-old custom a modern makeover and made it into a light-hearted and engaging film,” Ramachandran said.

The film is being promoted on CARS24’s social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Production Crew:

Director Philip Gladstone
Executive Producer & 2nd Unit Director Jopith
Post Production Head Ram
DOP Sakthivel
Music L.V. Ganesh Muthu
1st AD Senthil

Agency Credits:

Creative Team Deepan Ramachandran, Pandiyaraj
Brand Team Maria Xavier Vinod, Aarthi