CAMPAIGNS WE LIKE: Snickers — Vinay Pathak goes monster truck shopping


Actor Vinay Pathak, known for his comical award-winning roles, was recently seen making an outlandish decision – buying a monster truck! A brightly coloured truck in the heart of a conventional neighborhood is not what one would usually expect to be parked in their garage. But the real question is – what led Vinay Pathak to make such an unusual and eccentric purchase?

In a new ad film, Vinay Pathak, who portrays the role of a father, is seen buying a monster truck during a hunger pang, to “win the race of life”. He eventually realizes the foolishness of his purchase when he eats a SNICKERS®, the nougat, caramel and nuts filled chocolate bar, on his daughter’s insistence.

SNICKERS®, from Mars Wrigley portfolio, roped in Vinay Pathak, alongside actor Vedika Nawani, to portray a humorous take on ‘Hunger Pangs’ that consumers have often seen and loved in iconic brand ad films.

Vinay Pathak, popular Bollywood actor, said “My fans have seen me do some really funny roles, and this collaboration was a unique and exciting opportunity for me. SNICKERS® has always been one of my favourite chocolates and I was absolutely delighted to collaborate with such a cool brand.

“SNICKERS ® is such a loved brand and I resonate deeply with its persona and tongue in cheek sense of humour. Being a part of their quirky new film has been a fun-filled experience and I am quite excited to see how the audience reacts to the ad. I hope they enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed shooting it,” Pathak added.