Since 2020 the way we work, collaborate, and live has changed drastically. From our bedrooms turning into our offices to our workspace taking over the bed, these changes are here to stay. And to cater to these changing needs of customers, brands have to offer a solution that is easy to adapt to yet serves multiple purposes.

And property investment company NorthHill did just that, in its maiden social media campaign, The Future is Flexible, NorthHill highlights the future of the modern workplace.

The film, created, produced, and marketed by The 10 Group, follows performer, Louisa Fernando, as she moves between three different office locations across London. As she transitions between balletic, lyrical, and contemporary dance styles, the film cuts between the three spaces, making a direct comparison between the flexibility of the service offering and the versatility of the dancer.

As the dancer moves through each building, the supporting text elements help tell the story of each office, highlighting the elements of each space that make it an innovative and disruptive new style of workspace.

This campaign artistically highlights how sustainable, design-led, and flexible office spaces will drive the future of the workplace. The Future is Flexible is yet another example of how a brand’s messages can be conveyed without words and leave an impression on the audience.

2103-NH_Lighterman-Dance_024.jpgReading more into it one can see that opting for dance and Ballet specifically as a medium to convey the message of flexibility makes one intrinsically think about how having a good range of motion aids a dancer’s work appears more seamless. Similarly, a flexible workspace would seamlessly help people in creating, collaborating, and growing in the future.

Image-zac-Goodman-Director-NorthHill-mediabrief.jpgSpeaking about the campaign, Zac Goodman, Director, NorthHill, says, “Where and when we work is evolving, but the need to express ourselves and communicate with others has remained a constant. At NorthHill we wanted to demonstrate the scope for creativity that a great workplace can inspire; how thoughtful design, great architecture, and a sustainable mindset will remain the foundation of ‘where’ we call work.

“With the help of The 10 Group we’ve created a campaign that reminds us of the ‘flow and rhythm’ that a great workplace can bring to our daily lives,” Goodman adds.

image-Elaine-Stern-CEO-The-10-Group-mediabrief.jpgElaine Stern, CEO, The 10 Group, says, “As the world starts to open up again and people start to consider returning to work, we are only seeing more importance being placed on more flexible, sustainable office spaces.

“It’s been brilliant to collaborate with NorthHill on this unique creative challenge and to help set the tone for the workspaces of the future,” Stern added.

The campaign is now live across Instagram, LinkedIn, and stakeholder channels in a shift away from traditional print methods of marketing properties.


  • Agency:  The 10 Group
  • Client name: NorthHill
  • Planner/CSU Director:  Lorry Powles, Creative Director, The 10 Group
  • Photographer: Khalil Musa
  • Production company: The 10 Group
  • Director: Lewis Rose
  • Post Production: Jack Scott; Phillip Everett, Editor, The 10 Group