CAMPAIGNS WE LIKE – ‘#HappyDocDoc song’ from Morepen Laboratories 


Morepen Laboratories employees create and dedicate an anthem, a doctors’ song, to express deep gratitude towards the doctors’ fraternity for their noble and selfless services 24/7 during the course of the Covid pandemic.

The lyrics of the anthem, with its ‘Doc Doc’-cadenced theme reflects how the doctors have put in relentless hours and efforts to battle the virus to secure our safety and well-being. The anthem aspires to acknowledge and underscore the commitment and determination evinced by the doctors by way of thanking them for their tireless interventions.

The peppy anthem is a collective result of employee participants across the country, as every individual in the organization could relate to the cause and excited to contribute. The gratitude seeps through, with passion being captured by the drift and rhythm of the peppy music composed by Rahul Harit.

The sense of gratitude and passion is visible across the organisation, the song was written by the CEO of the Pharma Division, videos were captured by individuals across the country, and the song was sung by Dinero Ash, a popular name in the Instagram community.

The anthem will be posted on social media assets of the company and will remind everyone of the sterling sacrifices of the part of doctors for the community at large.

image-Varun-Suri-CEO-Consumer-Division-Morepen-Labs-mediabrief.jpgVarun Suri, CEO, Consumer Division, Morepen Labs, said, “Humankind is going through an unprecedented situation due to the pandemic. While we stay in the safety of our homes, the doctors are at the forefront, facing challenges and struggles to protect our lives.

“We take this opportunity to thank our true heroes for their unwavering grit, courage and compassion. With this anthem, we want to further encourage people to showcase their appreciation,” Suri said.

According to the Indian Medical Association, over 550+ doctors have lost their lives to the Novel Coronavirus since March 2020. The impact of the pandemic was fronted by the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers from day one; but never budge from frontline duty, for a moment, did they. Their never-give-up grit is a testament to their indomitable energy to serve in trying times as these.

They managed overcrowded emergency rooms, resuscitating critically ill patients, supporting and updating the families about their loved ones, all of this smilingly.  Above all else, the havoc caused by the difficulty of overstretched hospital facilities across the country did not at all interfere with the recovery of patients in need of treatment.