CAMPAIGNS WE LIKE: Angel Broking’s #ShagunKeShares


We like Angel Broking‘s #ShagunKeShares campaign, which is a blend of good timing, consumer insight, and a no-nonsense approach that’s simplistic yet significant.

Every year, people from the trading community buy shares of a few selected companies on the occasion of Diwali as the market opens for an hour for ‘Muhurat Trading’. This period is considered auspicious and sees many investing in shares. Building on this, we developed a concept called #ShagunKeShares – wherein we encourage first-time users or stagnant customers to buy a share on the auspicious occasion as it is believed to generate profits throughout the year. 



This year’s objective was to encourage new account openings and also encourage stagnant account holders to start afresh and make the first share purchase on Diwali.

Prabhakar Tiwari

image-campaigns-we-like-Angel-Broking-mediabrief-2.jpgWe reached out to Prabhakar Tiwari, CMO, Angel Broking Ltd to know about what sets this campaign apart.

“Indians are quite benevolent when it comes to gifting. We specifically have a custom of extending Shagun to our loved ones during festivities. At Angel Broking Ltd., the idea is to make Shaguns more lucrative for everyone by replacing cash with share certificates. A well-researched stock can easily yield multi-fold returns over a few years.

“It can not only adjust for inflation, but also generate a tangible incentive for the shareholders. The #ShagunKeShares campaign intends to bring this fundamental change and encourages more Indians to be a part of the Indian growth story.

“We have received a very positive response to our 360o campaign, and customers are really excited to start their new beginning on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.”

What the campaign has achieved for the brand:

Total no. of transactions increased by 81% as compared to 2019 – From 35k to 188K. Total revenue increased by 6% as compared to 2019 – From 23L to 25L ( A massive jump considering business model was completely changed – From discount brokers to Zero brokerage)

57% increase in first-time users as compared to the previous year – From 542 to 1264. Even though the business model was changed from discount brokerage to zero brokerage we saw 3X jump in the dormant customers buying a share on Muhurat Trading day

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