Blue Lotus Communications acquires seven new accounts during Unlock 4


Though the Covid19 induced lockdown has many sectors reeling, the Mumbai-headquartered Public Relations agency, Blue Lotus Communications has acquired seven key retainer accounts won in multi-agency pitches after Unlock 4 began in August 2020.

Blue Lotus Communications is an award-winning, eighteen-year-old PR agency, which focuses on building Brand Trust using public relations using its proprietary Brand Trust Matrix. A part of the Comniscient Group, its sister-concern TRA Research also has been publishing TRA’s Brand Trust Report annually for the last ten years.

image-Chandramouli-CEO-Blue-Lotus-Communications-MediaBrief.jpgChandramouli, CEO, Blue Lotus Communications, who has been at the helm of the PR agency since inception said, “We believe that Public Relations is primarily a Trust-building communicationtool, and organizations are looking for a specialist agency like ours which uses a unique and proprietary Brand Trust Matrix to bring science to public relations.

“As a group we have been measuring Brand Trust across India for 10-years, published in TRA’s Brand Trust Report. Blue Lotus uses the same science to deliver focused trust building messages for our clients.

“Covid19 and the associated lockdown has changed the priorities of businesses.  Clients want personalized solutions with deep engagement of the agency top-management, which large agencies are not designed provide.

“We are bagging client mandates in pitches against the large ones because clients now choose their agency extremely carefully and want PR-agency top-management counsel. Many clients have had poor experiences with large agencies due to their impersonal approach, and now preferring agency quality over agency size,” Chandramouli added .

The wide range of new retainer accounts signed by Blue Lotus demonstratesthe depth of experience and expertise of the agency across verticals. The newly signed accounts include Investor Relations and Public Relations mandate for Garware Polyester – a world-leader in polyester films, Della by Jimmy Mistry – a unique luxury brand, SIRO Clinpharm – India’s earliest CRO, Nutrify India – an nutraceuticals ideas-to-commercialization platform, Network Advertising – a 25-year-old full-service advertising agency, Esthetic Clinics, and Wellnessta.

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