BIS seeking public participation to formulate Indian Standards in OTT services

image BIS survey on OTT standards - MediaBriefThe Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has put a survey seeking public opinion on Standards for OTT Services in India, and is also informing those who take the survey that if they wish to participate in the activity of formulation of Indian Standards in OTT services, they can write to BIS at  along with their CV.

BIS has specified to people taking the survey, that “the aspect of content is currently under the purview of the concerned Ministry and inputs regarding the quality and suitability of content will not be considered here.” It has also reassured that responses will be confidential and BIS does not collect identifying information such as the name, email address or IP address of anyone taking the survey. The last date to participate in the Survey is 28 February 2021.

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Questions in the BIS survey include:

Are you satisfied with the quality of video streaming?

What are your concerns regarding audio and/or video quality on your OTT platform?

Do you face issues in any of the following aspects:

  • high data usage
  • inconsistent audio loudness
  • incorrect captions/ subtitles
  • quality issues like buffering and low resolution in change of network or in low connectivity area
  • issues in offline viewing of downloaded content
  • quality differences or issues while viewing videos on different devices like mobile, smart tv, laptop etc
  • any issues relate to subscription
  • Other:

Based on the options selected in the above question, kindly specify details

Have you ever raised complaint(s) on any offensive/unsuitable content?

If answer to the above question is a yes, then was the complaint handled and are you satisfied with the complaint redressal mechanism? Please mention suggestions for improvement, if any.

Are you satisfied with the categorization of content according to its suitability to different categories of audience? Please mention suggestions for improvement, if any.

How would you want the category of content and its suitable audience been shown on the screen.

  • At the very start, before the content is displayed
  • Just at the time of start of the display of content
  • Throughout the display of content
  • At the start of the display of content and at suitable intervals
  • Other

Does your platform provide the parental control or child lock feature?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

If answer to the above question is a yes, are you satisfied with the feature provided? Please mention suggestions for improvements, if any.

Any suggestions on areas where you feel standards should be formulated for a better and consistent quality of experience.

Your thoughts, please