Bharat Petroleum salutes 17 Olympians who made India proud


On the occasion of #InternationalOlympicDay BPCL  salutes its 17 Olympians who have made the BPCL family & India proud by bringing home accolades. Sports is among the finest expressions of the human spirit – the desire and determination to excel, compete and win against the most formidable challengers.

India has produced some of the brightest sport stars that have won laurels for the nation and added glorious chapters to the annals of sports history. Notably, many of these super achievers have come from humble backgrounds, hailing from the nation’s hinterland and initiated into their sport domain without special privileges or high-profile training in their early years.

The famed arena of sports provides them to transcend their socio-economic perimeter and leap to a much higher orbit in life. Bharat Petroleum nurtures this latent treasure, reinforcing their resolve to reach the pinnacle of success.

Bharat Petroleum has a rich history of supporting budding sports talents in their journey marked by high ambition and the determination required to achieve it.

Indeed, the corporation has inducted about 200 sportspersons in various sporting disciplines in the last several decades, supporting and encouraging them, while acting as a springboard for their aspirations. BPCL has always extended all support to its sportspersons and recognised their contribution to Nations cause at every step.