image-Bertolli Olive Oil with Facebook Thumbstoppers MediabriefDeoLeo Pvt Ltd, makers of Bertolli Olive Oil, becomes one of the first brands to embrace the powerful offerings of Facebook Thumbstoppers in their new campaign for #TheRecipeForHappinessIsSimple.

The four 10 second Thumbstoppers have been conceptualized by Mirum India, the creative and media partners for Bertolli, wherein they have touched upon the simplest instances bringing the biggest joys. This format is reinventing storytelling and adopting this is a sign that as a brand, you are thinking mobile-first.

Apart from affordable data plans and the ever-widening reach of smartphones, some more reasons for embracing this format are impatience and shorter attention spans of consumers. Crafting a message to be delivered in under 10 seconds is challenging but effective. As the creator, it compels you to cut the clutter and only let what’s important shine.

Bertolli Olive Oil is all about owning moments. Simple moments that fill your heart with goodness. Like your child jumping into your arms when you’re back home from work. Or your grandmother regaling you with tales from yore as she rubs oil on your head. Or the smell outside after the first rains. We don’t need much to bring a smile to our faces. Indeed, the recipe for happiness is simple! 

Susana Toribio, General Manager- IndiaSpeaking on the initiative, Susana Toribio, General Manager- India says, “Bertolli Olive Oil, with its rich heritage and Italian origin, brings a wholesome eating experience to your plate.

This oil blends with simple everyday moments and makes them worthwhile. Through Thumbstoppers, we tried to spread the message about simplicity and happiness.”

Furthermore, Satarupa Majumdar, Marketing Manager says, “Through these stories, we emphasize on authenticity and natural lifestyle, allowing people to relish the little moments of life. And to showcase it, what better than Thumbstoppers, which itself is a change from regular media promotion.”

The stories are range from a grandmother’s inclusion in a family and a son surprising his mother to friendships in school and a mom being there when it matters most. All these stories are relatable in their most literal capacities because of their simplicity.

Naila Patel, Executive Creative Director, Mirum IndiaThe campaign is spearheaded by Mumbai based digital agency Mirum, a WPP group company. Naila Patel, Executive Creative Director, Mirum India says, “So many good stories get missed because the non-forgiving thumb does not stop at them.

In a world of short attention spans and realms of content, getting someone to pause is a big challenge. The Thumbstoppers for Bertolli is emotional everyday anecdotes narrated in 10 seconds. Although it’s challenging, the engaging visual scape let us weave in a rich slice of life stories which will bring the audience a step closer to the brand.”

Known for its taste and premium quality, Bertolli Olive Oil from the house of DeoLeo India Pvt Ltd is the World’s Number Olive Oil brand, established in 1865 in Lucca, Tuscany.

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