BBC Global News brings authenticity and audio to the forefront of advertising

image-BBC Global News brings authenticity MediabriefBBC Global News today unveiled a raft of new initiatives at its ‘authentic voice’ themed Digital Upfront in London. Topping the bill was its Audio: Activated research, which provides proof that branded podcasts are an effective means of advertising and powerful addition to the marketing mix, generating real cut-through with audiences.

Using cutting-edge neuroscience, which measured second-by-second brain activity as the content was consumed in passive and active states of activity, Audio: Activated reveals the persuasive power of branded podcasts.

Key findings include:

  • Branding stands out from content in branded podcasts.
  • 94% of listeners consume podcasts while performing other tasks. This mode of listening actually elevates engagement with the brand. 
  • They are consumed in ways that are additive to the marketing mix. 
  • Podcasts are a particularly effective way to reach ad avoiders
  • The language of a podcast creates subconscious associations with the brand.

Other announcements at the Digital Upfronts in London include:

  • Beeb – the BBC’s recently announced voice assistant will be available internationally and be commercialized outside the UK, with brands invited to speak to the BBC about their needs at the development stage.
  • The text-to-audio technology behind it – Songbird – will be used to launch a product which allows visitors to to access thousands of text articles as audio files, and will be available for commercial partnerships.
  • Two new content platforms will launch on BBC Future You will focus on wellness, whilst BBC Future Planet revolves around sustainability.  Both aim to give brands access to a hyper-targeted, engaged audience whilst cutting through the fads, buzzwords, and pseudoscience often associated with the subjects by offering audiences evidence, facts, and authenticity.
  • Extending programmatic audio offering to include private marketing place and programmatic guaranteed solutions for advertising partners through Acast. 
  • The award-winning, propriety research tool – Science of Engagement – is now available for all branded content deals. 

Lori Suchcicki, SVP Advertising Sales EMEA at BBC Global News, said: “These initiatives all rely on the authentic voice that the BBC has been world-renowned for throughout its existence.  Audio is a space in which we’ve been at the forefront for almost a century, and these projects demonstrate our continuing innovation and ambition to be the best news organization in the world, both for audiences and commercial partners.”

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