Turn your everyday moments into story time by listening to world class international titles like Heist with Michael Caine, Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch, More Bedtime Stories for Cynics, narrated by Nick Offerman and Bear Grylls’ Survival Stories.

If its Indian authors you prefer, you can also lend your ear to some epic local titles like Durjoy Datta’s Last Boy To Fall in Love, Anu Singh’s Mad Mommas, Divya Prakash Dubey’s Dil Local, Rujuta Diwekar’s Secrets of Good Health and more.

Listeners will encounter familiar and beloved artistes from India and around the world such as Rasika Dugal and Barun Sobti (The Last Boy to Fall in Love – Hindi), Ricky Gervais (Ricky Gervais Show), Andrew Scott (Six Degrees of Assassination), Lance Bass (The Path to Pride with Lance Bass and Nikki Levy) and more.

Image-Shailesh-Sawlani-Country-Head-Audible-India-mediabrief.jpgShailesh Sawlani, Country Head, Audible India, said “We are always looking for ways to add value to our members and with this slate of titles, I’m confident we are going to do just that.

“There are hundreds of titles available to members by some of the best authors from India and the around the Globe, narrated by incredibly powerful voices – this is really just the beginning of how we want to keep giving our listeners more benefits at no additional cost.

At Audible, we know stories have the power to transport and uplift, and I hope that this slate of titles will bring comfort and an easier summer for many,” Sawlani said.

Durjoy Dutta, Author, Last Boy To Fall in Love & Last Girl To Fall in Love, said“For authors and creators, the audio medium opens up a new form of storytelling and allows us to not only share our written words, but also bring our characters to life through voice and sound. It also gives listeners the freedom to visualise the narrative and characters through their own imagination, which is incredibly exciting.

“I’m happy to be part of this slate of titles available to members because it means my books will be made available to a much wider audience, and also that my fans who enjoy listening to my audiobooks, will have access to many other great titles, for no additional cost,” Dutta said.

Divya Prakash Dubey, showrunner and narrator of the series Dil Local, said, “What I love about audio is that it blends so easily into every sphere of your life – you can listen to your favourite audiobooks while cleaning, cooking or spending time with your kids.

“Screen fatigue has become extremely prevalent, making “Non-screen” entertainment like audio a welcome reprieve to our eyes, while we multitask and go about our daily chores. This offering from Audible gives members access to so many exciting titles and genres to listen to and I’m glad that my title “Dil Local” is one of them,” Dubey said.

These titles are all available through Audible’s monthly membership of INR 199. First-time users in India can sign up for a 30-day free trial on Amazon Prime members in India get an exclusive 90-day free trial on