Agility Venture Partners seeks to power 30-tech start-ups in 2021


In a bid to fuel India’s growth story in 2021, investor group Agility Venture Partners is scouting for 30 technology-based start-ups. The group announced their intent today specifically looking for early-stage businesses.

An angel investors network, Agility Venture Partners, aims to invest in new technology-focuses businesses at an early stage. They’re looking for companies which have the potential to create disproportionate value in sectors like education technology, healthcare, e-commerce, gaming, automobiles, electric vehicles, robotics, agri-tech, manufacturing, etc.

Image-Prashant-Narang-Co-founder-at-Agility-Venture-Partners-mediabrief.jpgPrashant Narang, Co-founder at Agility Venture Partners, said, “We will capture the market by storm, guiding these mavericks to success through guidance and consultations.

“Built as an institutionalised model of investors, the Agility Venture network is powered by leaders and sector experts, who’ve created or run successful businesses in these areas. We bring a standardised and transparent process, which allows us to scout for exciting new businesses across the board”, Narang added.

Talking about his investor network, he cited that the group had 350+ investors now, spread across five chapters in India. They are in the process of launching four more chapters internationally.

And how are they achieving their select set of 30 start-ups?

Dhianu Das, Co-founder at Agility Venture Partners, said, “In seven months, we’ve invested Rs 5.5 crore in 7 companies. We aim to add startups with an average ticket size of Rs 50 to 75 lakh and are scouting aggressively for the same.

“We built Agility keeping in mind the abundance of opportunity, in terms of both innovation and investment. Through our sustained efforts at Agility, we aim to foster entrepreneurship by educating, mentoring and investments”, Das added.

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