Add media Buzz Pvt Ltd, which is a 360° branding and Solution company based out of Mumbai bags Digital Media for INOX Movies. The company is formed by Mr. Ashish R Sharma who is born and raised in Mumbai, having a Masters in Management.

The company is already known for handling Twitter trending, Influencer activities, and other social media campaigns for many known brands like Times group, Manipal Hospitals, Prestige Group, Shemaroo, Pen Movies, Bollywood Movies, etc. With  INOX, a company based in Mumbai and has branches Pan India, the company has ventured into the theatre sector.

Image-Ashish-R-Sharma-MD-of-Add-Media-Buzz-mediabrief.jpgAshish R Sharma, MD of Add Media Buzz Pvt Ltd, said, ” Having worked in the entertainment category, we understand the place that movies hold in the rapidly growing entertainment industry during the lockdown, its a huge responsibility to take the social media management of theatres as it keeps getting closed and open over time but I considered it as a great opportunity for my company as during this pandemic situation it’s important to have a wider look at all the industries especially the entertainment as that’s the main leisure for people we call it Cinema Therapy.

“I would Like to thank Saurabh Verma, COO, INOX Movies for showing his trust in us.  Through the campaigns that I am designing, we are looking to reach more audiences and influence them alongside promoting safety precautions. We are glad that INOX follows the covid guidelines & takes almost care of the safety of its customers,” Sharma said.