TAM Adex: Ad insertions per day increased by 32% on digital medium during Jul-Sept ’20


Digital advertising has been on the rise for the past couple of months, throughout the lockdown to now at the unlock phase marketers have backed the digital medium. As per the TAM Adex‘s ‘The Digital Advertising Report‘ that has compiled data from July to September 2020, Ad insertions per day has increased by 32% on digital medium during Jul-Sep’20, with a resurgence in ad insertions observed during the unlock period with a continuous growth observed on Digital Ad Insertions after May ’20.

As per the report, the top 10 Advertisers and Brands added 21% and 19% of adex on digital mediums. Amazon Online India was the leading advertiser during the Jul-Sep’20 on Digital Platforms. In the top 10 categories, Ecom-Gaming had the highest growth in Ads during Jul-Sep’20 on Digital Platforms. Additionally, the report also demotes that among Digital Platforms, Desktop Display topped with more than half of Digital ad insertions during Jul-Sep’20.

Leading Web Publishers during Jul-Sep’20

Youtube was on top for all 6 months in Apr- Sep’20, with a 15% share of Digital advertising in Jul-Sep’20, followed by Times of India that had a strong footing during Jul’20, Aug’20 and Sep’20 and was also was among the top 5 publishers during these periods.

In the list of Top 10 web publishers, ad insertions on happytrips spiked by almost 2 folds and that of Financial Express surged by 36% during Jul-Sep’20 compared to Apr-Jun’20.

Leading Digital Platforms during Jul-Sep’20

Desktop Display topped with more than half of Digital ad insertions during Jul-Sep’20. Ecom-Media, entertainment, and social media led the Mobile Display, In-App Video, and Display ads.

Amazon Online secured its place among the Top 5 advertisers in all Digital Platforms and its brand Amazon.in was also among the Top 5 brands in all Digital Platforms except Mobile Video.

Most Utilized Transaction Methods by Publishers in Jul-Sep’20

With a 45% share of ad insertions, transactions via Ad Network was the most utilized for advertising on Digital platforms during Jul-Sep ’20. Followed by Direct which was the 2nd most preferred transaction method with a 20% share of Digital ad, and Programmatic was in the on 3rd position. These 3 transaction methods together added more than 75% share of ad insertions during Jul- Sep‘20.

Among the Top 5, Rediff was a common publisher among Ad Network & Direct transaction methods during Jul- Sep’20.

Creative types on Digital during Jul-Sep’20

BANNER ads bagged highest insertions on Digital with 43% share followed by HTML5 ads with a 40% share in Jul-Sep’20. Among the Top 3, rediff.com, timesofindia, indiatimes.com were common publishers on BANNER and HTML5 creative ads in Jul-Sep’20.

Count of Categories-Advertisers-Brands that sums 80% share of Ad Insertions

In Apr-Jun’20, a total of 29 categories, 246 advertisers, and 354 brands accounted for 80% share of ad insertions on Digital.

The leading Categories during Jul-Sep’20 were:

Top 10 Categories % Share
Ecom-Media/Entertainment/Social Media 9%
Ecom-Online Shopping 8%
Ecom-Gaming 7%
Corporate-IT 5%
Life Insurance 5%

Top 5 categories covered more than 30% share of Digital ad insertions in Jul-Sep’20, among them Ecom-Gaming had the highest growth in Ads during Jun-Sep’20 Compared to Apr-Jun ’20 on Digital. Ecom-Media/Entertainment/Social Media secured the 1st position in all the months during Apr-Sep’20.

New emerging Categories during Jul-Sep’20 compared to Apr-Jun ’20 on Digital were Female Shaving Systems on Digital followed by Geysers/Water Heaters during Jul-Sep’20 compared to Apr-Jun’20.

Top 5 Advertisers during Jul-Sep’20

Top 5 Advertisers (Jul-Sep20) % Share Rank (Apr-Jun’20)
1. Amazon Online India 5% 1
2. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company 4% 2
3. Playgames 24×7 3% 106
4. Grammarly Inc 2% 3
5. Samsung India Electronics 2% 61

Top 5 Brands during Jul-Sep’20

Top 5 Brands (Jul-Sep’20) % Share Rank (Apr-Jun’20)
1. Amazon.In 4% 2
2. ICICI Prudential iProtect Smart 4% 1
3. My11circle 2% 631
4. Grammarly Keyboard 2% 3
5. Microsoft 1% 6

Amazon Online India was the leading advertiser during Jul-Sep’20 on Digital Platforms and its brand Amazon.in topped the brand’s list. Amazon Online India and ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company maintained their ranks during both quarters, i.e., Apr-Jun’20 and Jul-Sep’20.

Top 5 Advertisers and Brands added 16% and 13% share of Digital Ad Insertions respectively in Jul-Sep’20.

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