ABP Asmita launches new prime-time show ‘Hun To Bolish’


With an aim to deliver the promise of innovative and fresh content, ABP Asmita has launched a new show ‘Hun To Bolish’ ─ a prime-time show which started off as a popular segment on the news channel eight months ago. Taking the cue from the segment’s rising popularity, India’s fastest-growing Gujarati news channel, ABP Asmita has now formally launched it as a full-fledged programme, hosted by renowned journalist Mr. Ronak Patel, Editorial Head, ABP Asmita.

Riding on the unmatched news coverage on Gujarat, ABP Asmita has been dominating the Gujarat market for two consecutive financial years, as per BARC. (Source: BARC, TG- ABC 15+, Mkt- Guj/DD/DN, Gross AMAs, Apr’19-Mar’20 & Apr’20-Sep’20)

Currently, most debate shows involve ‘experts’ and ‘spokespersons’ discussing burning issues of the day, but very often, they fail to focus on the main authority or concerned person, around whom the subject/topic of the debate revolves. Seeing a need-gap within these shows, ABP Asmita has devised a path-breaking format that has never been seen in Gujarati prime-time news before.

Previously, ABP Asmita’s ‘Hun To Bolish’ segment had covered former BJP leader Kanti Gamit’s grand-daughter’s engagement which flouted COVID-19 rules. Post the show’s intervention, Kanti Gamit’s son Jitu Gamit was booked for assembling a large number of people on the occasion and Tapi district’s PI, CK Chaudhary and head constable, Nilesh were suspended.

Additionally, the show also covered the controversial Convocation Ceremony Program in Junagadh, where COVID-19 rules made by the Gujarat Government were broken. Post the telecast, the ADGP, Training Department ordered an investigation and asked to submit the findings of the investigation report within 4 days.

Owing to its unique format, this new show will host regular episodes on ‘burning issues of the day’, providing dynamic and timely journalistic insights into the most important stories.  The Anchor, Ronak Patel will analyse crucial issues affecting the people of Gujarat by engaging with the concerned authorities and seeking answers from them.

Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP Network, said, “Every national story has its roots in local communities. We believe that the best way to engage with local communities is to ensure their voices and stories are elevated to the authority’s attention.

“Therefore, this unique and exciting debate show concept unleashes the opportunity to apprise our viewers with the pertinent narratives on various key issues in Gujarat. Moreover, it is part of our ongoing commitment to bring innovative and nuanced content to our viewers, everywhere,” Pandey said.

 ‘Hun To Bolish’ will be aired Monday to Saturday from 8:00 pm to 8:30 pm.