ABFRL onboards MediBuddy for COVID testing of employees


India is gradually unlocking its economy after a shutdown. However, as the economic activities are resuming gradually; employee safety remains of paramount importance for companies. While temperature screening and masks remain the most common types of protection, corporates are also protecting their employees with Covid19 testing.

Corporates such as ABFRL have onboarded MediBuddy, everyone’s 24*7 healthcare buddy, to assist in ensuring complete safety. Corporates are increasingly opting for rapid antigen and antibody tests to screen and protect their employees from coronavirus.

MediBuddy’s team is visiting the offices and assisting in testing by collecting samples. While all employees returning to offices are being tested, MediBuddy offers customisation depending on the employer.

Additionally, as the cases increase, MediBuddy is providing home isolation support across India for each citizen to fight this pandemic. This service is offered in 3 packages at varying costs and has features such as onboarding & guidance on isolation process, unlimited dietician & fitness expert consultation, unlimited 24*7 teleconsultation for 1 month, unlimited 24*7 corona helpline, article, mailers, and tips related to the services, and most importantly an isolation kit which contains; sanitisers, pulse oximeter, IR thermometer, and BMW bags.

A team from MediBuddy would be visiting homes to set up and deliver essentials and guidance on the isolation process will be done online.  Patients can even avail free home delivery of medicines. They even offer COVID -19 Test via centre visit or home sample collection as per ICMR guidelines.

Another key element in combating the virus is having good mental health. It is important to have a professional to talk with to overcome any fears and anxiety related to the virus. To ensure that the user is healthy; not just physically, but also mentally, MediBuddy home isolation support even provides unlimited consultations with a psychologist.

Image-Satish-Kannan-Co-founder-CEO-MediBuddy-DocsApp-MediaBrief.jpgSatish Kannan, Co-founder and CEO, MediBuddy-DocsApp, “As Individuals gear up to return to offices, we cannot neglect their health and thus we are happy to assist corporates in ensuring utmost safety of employees.

“It is also imperative to take necessary precautions, if affected, to ensure the ones around us are safe, and thus we conceptualized a home isolation support program to help combat the virus. We look forward to providing high-quality healthcare to each and every Indian,” Kannan added.

MediBuddy is truly committed to the holistic wellbeing of Indian citizens and being their 24*7 healthcare buddy. It caters to the requirements of 3 Cr Indians & attends to the needs of over 25,000 Indians daily across the length and breadth of the country.

They provide a bouquet of services such as teleconsultations, MediBuddy Gold; an annual subscription service, MediClinic; an onsite health clinic, Cashless Outpatient Care, a 12-month ante-natal and post-partum on-call maternity program, and a Conditions Management Program.

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