‘Jab Se Dekha’ marks fourth music video release from Aavrutti’s debut album Naya Zamana


Rap quartet, Aavrutti’s fourth music video for the track ‘Jab Se Dekha’ from their debut hip hop album ‘Naya Zamana’, which released last year in December on Mass Appeal India and Gully Gang Entertainment, is out now!

The music video maintains the storytelling vibe of the track by unpretentiously acknowledging their artistic achievements whilst also detailing out their musical expedition thus far.

The music video that has been directed and seamlessly shot on an iPhone 11 by Gltch.in a.k.a. Mohit Mukhi, features the young lyrical marksmen who are mentored by DIVINE; – Frenzzy, Saifan, Sammohit, and Sledge, as seen through the lens of their beloved.

Mohit Mukhi, said, “The video treatment revolves around each of the members in isolation and not as a collective. The video takes viewers through four diverse scenarios, individually touching upon Frenzzy, Saifan, Sledge and Sammohit’s perspective and personal dialogues. While the video follows the narrative of each of the members chasing the affection of a specific person, in essence, it actually transcribes their love language for their music and art.

“The track was inspired from a thought process that there have been multiple tracks talking about love for family, friends and lovers, but there are very few tracks describing out how important one’s art is in their daily existence. This is something I have maintained in the video as well, keeping the storytelling fluid and fresh,” Mukhi said.

Having amassed considerable traction for their multiple previously released singles, features and mixtape tracks over the last two-three years, this vibrantgroup of four rappers from Mumbai bring a unique flavour to their writing, delivery and performance that solidifies their position as one of the promising mainstays of the homegrown hip hop industry.

‘Stage’, ‘Error 404’, ‘Kaidi 420’, ‘Yaara’, ‘Jab Se Dekha’, ‘Money’, ‘Rani Baugh’, ‘Banger’, ‘Dime’ and  ‘Hatya’ were all a part of the Naya Zamana EP.