82.5 Communication creates ‘#Globalgiri’ camapign for Campus


Around the world, sneaker culture is at the very heart of street culture. So, when Campus decided to bring global sneaker designs to India, as and when they premiered around the world, rest assured that Indian streets would never be the same.

Campus is one of the first brands to bring super sneakers to India at a price point which many can afford. Under the umbrella of ‘Globalgiri’, Campus aimed to initiate a larger movement that would democratize global sneaker culture in India.

The #Globalgiri films aim to bring out this delicious contrast by showcasing Campus sneakers on talented individuals who’re performing stunts on BMX bikes, showing off with Parkour, or Double-Dutching with sass – things you’d expect to see on the corners of international streets – only to later reveal that they’re taking place right here, on Indian streets. #Globalgiri is at the pulse of what young urban India aspires to be; Campus hopes to bring this to life.

Image-Sumanto-Chattopadhyay-Chairman-Chief-Creative-Officer-82.5-Communications-MediaBrief.jpgSumanto Chattopadhyay, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, 82.5 Communications India, said,  “Young Indians today want to be a part of the international scene—be it in their street swag, their fashion or their footwear. This is the vibe we have captured in our new campaign for Campus Shoes, an Indian brand with global flair.”

Chandana Agarwal, President, 82.5 Communications, North, said, “In this bold new world, one isn’t defined by where they come from. Geography doesn’t dictate what one wears, or the attitude they carry. To the young and new India, where you come from is nothing but a minor detail.

“Campus’s new range of super sneakers inspired by global designs perfectly caters to this new India, and how. Not to forget that the hashtag #globalgiri captures the thought beautifully as well. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on these shoes,” Agarwal added.

image-Preeta-Mathur-Group-Creative-Director-82.5-Communications-mediabrief.jpgPreeta Mathur, Group Creative Director, 82.5 Communications, said, “The day we were briefed on this campaign, we thought the shoes looked too good to be true. Yet, there they were, all ready to usher in the era of super sneakers in India. These shoes were not only made in India, but were so well designed that they could beat any shoe across the globe. Thus, was born the idea of Globalgiri.

“A way of life that gives sneakerheads of India the license to flaunt global street culture on Indian streets. That’s what our films depict. A snippet of street culture, that very well could have been happening anywhere in the world but is actually taking place in an alley in Rajasthan, a marketplace along the Indian coast, and a typical Himalayan bus adda. The time for Globalgiri is here and now,” Mathur said.


Agency: 82.5 Communications

Sumanto Chattopadhyay – CCO and Chairman

Kapil Arora – CEO and Co Chairman

Rishabha Nayyar – Head of Strategic Planning

Chandana Agarwal – President North

Preeta Mathur – Group Creative Director

Creative: Avantika Viswanathan 

Account Management: Anuj Sharma

Planning: Abhilasha Mathur

Production House: Solo Trio Films Director: Paul Joji Kokkat

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