Vasitum, a Noida-based AI-driven recruitment startup has been selected for 500 Startups Global Launch Singapore program. 500 Startups is an international early-stage venture capital and seed accelerator firm with a portfolio that is hard to rival. It is the number one venture funds company in the world in terms of exits as well as deal count and is overall number three in seed acceleration.

It has been responsible for the success of over 2400 startups and 5000 founders in more than 75 countries. Vasitum is one of the few Indian companies that have been chosen to take part in the Singapore Global Launch program.

Vasitum has been operational in India for one and a half years now. It has grown from a fledgling startup to a company to reckon with. Throughout the process, they have expanded their depth and range of services by introducing an array of plans and packages to suit all kinds of hirers, recruiters, and job searchers.

image-Vikram-Wadhwan-Founder-and-CEO-Vasitum-mediabrief.jpgVikram Wadhwan, Founder and CEO, Vasitum, said, “We are delighted and honored to be a part of the global launch program. This program provides us with a platform to present ourselves to a global audience.

“It will help us in achieving greater heights and scaling the business. With the backing of 500 Startups, Vasitum is poised to go places and grow into a groundbreaking enterprise that entirely changes the map of recruitment processes.

“The phenomenal success achieved till now has made it possible to get the balls rolling on the plans to penetrate deeper in the Indian market,” Wadhwan added.

For the past one and a half years, Vasitum has been making great strides in terms of technological modernization as well as solution delivery. From a very basic job search portal, Vasitum has grown into a powerful recruitment automation and talent search platform that caters equally to the needs of candidates and recruiters.

While Vasitum was helping candidates find the jobs of their choice with powerful AI technology, it was also helping recruiters reach suitable candidates using intelligent search driven by AI precision. With the recent launch of subscription services, it started providing even more segmented offerings to recruiters.

They come with features and tools that will give recruiters the power of automation. At the same time, it has already started working on its expansion and growth scheme to expand to the rest of Asia

Vasitum is only still starting out. The platform has seen great traction over the past months. As it continues to scale and build on its SaaS model, it is bound to see even greater turnaround. And now, the stage is set for its foray into the global market, starting with South-East Asia, at the 500 Startups Global Launch SG.

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