41% people find employment promises more convincing from the RJD: ITV Network-DV Research Exit Poll Survey 


ITV Network (India News, NewsX) and DV Research have conducted an Exit Poll Survey on the just concluded Bihar Assembly Elections 2020.

  • The ITV Network and DV Research survey throws up some interesting facts. Education, Employment and Development have come up as the biggest issues in these elections.
  • Over one third of the exit poll respondents say that the promises in the parties’ manifesto also matters a lot.
  • 41% of the respondents to the exit poll say that the promise on the job  and employment is more convincing from the RJD side.
  • Interestingly, 34% of the respondents choose Tejashwi Yadav from the RJD as the preferred CM of Bihar, whereas Nitish Kumar managed to be the choice of 32% of the respondents.
  • 40 % of the respondents also say that they changed their decisions on whom to vote after PM Modi’s rallies in Bihar during the election campaign.

The exit poll results are as follows for all 234 assembly seats in the state 


NDA       110-117

RJD+       108-123

LJP            04-10

OTHERS   08-23


NDA      33-41%

RJD+      39-47%

LJP       07-12%

OTH     05-14%

The above mentioned results were derived by dividing the state & defined area wise, sample forms were decided for the individual areas. Teams were deployed at the individual areas and daily monitoring was held. Data was collected and formulated for different conclusions. As for the scale, there were 100 forms distributed per assembly seat. The total sample size was approximately 24,300.

Several modes of survey were put in practice. It included, face-to-face interviews, telephone surveys, internet surveys, intercept interviews, executive interviews and forecasting among others.

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