1mg-BRIEF survey reveals  84% of respondents are willing to take COVID-19 vaccination


As per the latest survey by 1mg.com, India’s leading healthcare platform, and BRIEF, research based policy think-tank, 84% of the respondents showed willingness to undergo COVID-19 vaccination in India with recommendation by the doctor and evidence on safety being the key influencers to choose the vaccine, at 24% each.

Respondents not willing to take the vaccine cited fears of side effects as the major reason (36%) for not wanting to take the vaccine. A significant share of 42% of the respondents are willing to pay upto INR 500 for the vaccine while another 27% are willing to pay between INR 500-INR 1000. 1mg and BRIEF released the survey findings of the online survey conducted, during in the months of December 2020 and January 2021, across sample size of 30,392 respondents.

The survey assumes importance in light of the recent announcement made during the Union Budget 2021. The Finance Ministry has allocated INR 35,000 crore for COVID-19 vaccine and committed to provide further funds if required. Health and well-being are two of the six crucial pillars that form foundation of the Union Budget this time.

The survey also brought out the key reasons to undertake the COVID-19 vaccination. Living with vulnerable family members at 28% and frequently visiting public places at 22% were the topmost reasons for showing willingness towards undergoing COVID-19 vaccination. The need to stay updated and aware about the latest information on COVID-19 vaccination process in India was seen as holding paramount importance among majority of the respondents at 74%.

Key Findings:

Willingness for Vaccination

  • 84% of respondents say they are willing to be immunized against COVID-19. Of this group,
  • 28% were living with their family members who are vulnerable, either in terms of their age or have comorbidities
  • 22% needed to frequently visit public places

Vaccine Selection

  • Amongst respondents who expressed willingness to take the COVID vaccine, key influencing factors were
  • Recommendation of the Doctor (24%)
  • Research evidence on safety (24%)

Vaccine Concerns

  • Primary concern is side effects: 36% of the respondents who did not want to take the vaccine feared potential side-effects

Pricing Perspective

  • 42% of the respondents are willing to spend up to Rs. 500
  • 27% are willing to spend upto Rs 1000

Other Expectations

  • 74% of the respondents expressed they would like to stay updated on the latest information pertaining to the vaccination process

image-Prashant-Tandon-CEO-1mg-mediabrief.jpgPrashant Tandon, CEO-1mg, said, “As India, and the world, embark on the largest vaccination program ever conducted, it is important to understand the perceptions of the citizens who are getting swamped with multiple types of information of all kinds.

“An efficient program of vaccination requires consumers concerns to be understood and systematically addressed. This survey brings out the primary perceptions towards vaccination as of Jan 2021, which is expected to evolve as the program progresses,” Tandon said.

image-Afaq-Hussain-–-Director-BRIEF-mediabrief.jpgAfaq Hussain, Director-BRIEF, said, “The insights from the pilot survey are interesting and build a case for delving deeper into the perceptions of the people towards COVID-19 vaccination which can support in creating an effective communication strategy, addressing the fears of people and ensuring a smooth vaccination program in India”.

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