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Slovak Telekom partners with SPI/Filmbox Group to distribute 8 channels

Written by Revati Nair

SPL International and Filmbox have partnered with Slovak Telekom to distribute 8 of its channels on Slovak Telekom’s IPTV, DTH, cable and OTT platforms including Digi Slovakia, Magio Sat and Magio IPTV. The channels which are being added are FilmBox, FilmBox Plus, FilmBox Family, FilmBox Extra HD, FilmBox Premium HD, DocuBox HD, Eroxxx HD and FightBox HD.

Magio Sat has already launched Filmbox channels in their XL package while Magio IPTV will add the Filmbox premium package in October. Slovak Telekom’s customers may also enjoy these channels buy subscribing to a separate package called the Filmbox Premium.

The DTH platform Digi Slovakia has added six channels from SPI international and Filmbox to its offer. FilmBox, FilmBox Plus, FilmBox Family, FilmBox Extra HD, FightBox HD and Eroxxx HD have been included in a package Maxi. Digi Slovakia Cable will launch the same channel line up from SPI and Filmbox in their Maxi offer in October 2016.



Berk Uziyel, Executive Director of SPI International / Filmbox Channels Group said, “With this recent deal we have expanded our strategic relationship with Slovak Tekekom and Digi Slovakia. Together with Slovak Telekom and Digi Sk we will deliver top quality content to all end users.”

SPI’s Filmbox channels have a very strong presence throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia as they are now being carried by all providers/ operators in both countries.

Filmbox movie channels offer a rich variety of blockbuster hits and popular TV series which SPI acquires from the most renowned U.S. and international suppliers such as Disney, NBCUniversal and BBC Worldwide.

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