nielsen-logoThe game, to borrow from Doyle, is afoot. After BARC shared its plans on measurement of Digital, Nielsen has announced its Digital Content Ratings. Nielsen describes these as as a core component of its Total Audience Measurement framework which provides measurement of audiences across digital content types including video and text, with metrics fully comparable to television. And clients can access daily comparative reporting across desktop and mobile devices in a single, integrated solution with this syndicated release.

Megan Clarken

Megan Clarken

Megan Clarken, President of Product Leadership, Nielsen said, “Delivering syndicated Digital Content Ratings is a tremendous milestone, and provides publishers, agencies and advertisers powerful insights that help them understand the full value of their content across digital platforms. This is the next step in the transformation of measurement as we know it.”

Syndication of Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings marks progress toward industry adoption of consistent and comprehensive measurement in digital. Powered by Nielsen’s robust census data platform, next-generation SDKs, and new Cloud API, Nielsen Digital Content Ratings leapfrogs legacy tools in the market with coverage of computer, mobile, and connected devices. Highly accurate person-based demographic daily reporting for digital publishers will bring transparency and growth to the digital media ecosystem.

Through increased granularity, frequency and reporting, Nielsen Digital Content Ratings will enable digital and television publishers to showcase and maximize the value of their content with metrics especially critical for monetizing video series launches, headline news, live coverage, and viral events. In addition, agencies and advertisers will benefit from a richer picture of digital media consumption across all screens to strengthen media plans and respond to changing consumer media preferences.

Nielsen Digital Content Ratings is based on a methodology complementary to that of Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings. Widely used across the industry, Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings provides a trusted measurement for advertisers, agencies and publishers to transact. With Digital Content Ratings and Digital Ad Ratings available in the market, clients now have deep insights to enable both planning against content and measurement of ad performance like never before.

Syndicated clients include A+E, ABC, AOL, Buzzfeed, Discovery, Freeform, Gawker, Kik, Mashable, PopSugar, TasteMade and Vice, among many others.

Nielsen’s Total Audience Measurement framework

nielsen-total-audience-measurementAs is known, Nielsen’s Total Audience Measurement framework has been developed for a comprehensive view of the total audience that watched every video across television, computers, smartphones, tablets, Video on demand on connected devices including SVOD content. Every audience, on every screen.

This should help open up the industry to more accurate measurement of the actual audiences, because today’s industry standards don’t count the total audience in the ratings.

In short, the Nielsen Total Audience Measurement, of which the Digital Content Ratings are an integral part, will provide a view of the total audience for all video content and all avertising of a client.

Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings – Sales pitch USPs

Know your audience through Digital Content Ratings

Digital Content Ratings provides comprehensive content consumption measurement across every major digital platform. The solution includes best-in-class demographics from industry-leading data providers that enable publishers, agencies and advertisers alike to get a robust understanding of who consumes content across the digital media landscape.

Because Digital Content Ratings captures incremental reach, TV programmers can now get a true cross-platform rating for an episode of a TV show. Media sellers can reduce ad waste and drive revenue growth by effectively monetizing their inventory across platforms for content with ads that do not match linear television ads and content with no ads at all. With clear insight into actual consumption trends, media buyers can drive better outcomes for advertisers by purchasing in-demand inventory across platforms with confidence.

Get the full digital picture with Digital Content Ratings

Digital Content Ratings responds to the shifting, complex multi-platform, multi-device and multi-distribution landscape by providing comprehensive measurement of digital content consumption—including streaming video, static web pages and mobile apps—across all major devices and platforms.

Consumers engage with digital content across many platforms, so it’s imperative that market participants have clear knowledge of their total content consumption. Digital Content Ratings provides that insight by including program and episode-level video ratings and static content ratings for web pages and app sections. The solution also offers custom reporting capabilities that facilitate a thorough aggregation of digital reach, audience and time spent across platforms.

Get a bird’s-eye view of the competition with Digital Content Ratings

Syndicated daily ratings allow for actionable planning decisions and competitive benchmarking. Digital Content Ratings provides transparency into the digital landscape for all players in the ecosystem. Now it’s possible to stay ahead of the curve and know how competitors stack up.

Understand digital performance with comparable metrics

Digital Content Ratings reports average audience, reach, frequency, gross rating point (GRP) and time spent metrics on digital content so that you can easily compare consumption to TV content consumption reported in Nielsen’s TV Ratings.

Industry support for Nielsen Digital Content Ratings

Don Robert

Don Robert

Don Robert, EVP, Research & Analytics, A+E Networks said, “As a leading global media company, A+E Networks offers consumers a diverse communications environment, ranging from television networks to websites to mobile apps and OTT services. Adopting Nielsen Digital Content Ratings will give us the ability to see our brands’ audiences across platforms using metrics comparable to TV ratings.”

Edwin Wong

Edwin Wong

Edwin Wong, VP Research and Insights, Buzzfeed said, “We’re very excited about the potential of Nielsen’s Digital Content and Advertising Ratings and the future of more robust third party measurement features that cover the breadth of BuzzFeed’s cross-platform content: from fans watching Tasty videos on Facebook mobile, to the latest BuzzFeed News investigation on Google’s AMP.”


Josh Jacob

Josh Jacobs, President, Kik Services, Kik said, “Chat is at the core of the smartphone era, and we’re leading the way in showing brands what’s possible with this new medium. We’re looking forward to integrating Nielsen Digital Content Ratings to demonstrate the value and impact of engaging teens through chat.”

Robyn Peterson

Robyn Peterson

Robyn Peterson, Chief Technology Officer, Mashable said, “Data science has been at the heart of making Mashable the go-to source for technology, culture and entertainment coverage for millions across the world. We’re incredibly excited to be able to combine Nielsen Digital Content Ratings with our own proprietary technology and data to help understand what will resonant with our audience in this digitally connected world.”


Geoff Schiller

Geoff Schiller, Chief Revenue Officer, POPSUGAR said, “POPSUGAR speaks to a huge global audience of young women who seamlessly consume our content across a range of platforms and devices. The move to mobile means instant access anywhere, and being nimble helps us to thrive. Working with Nielsen to integrate Digital Content and Advertising Ratings will provide invaluable tools for us, allowing us to see how to drive both content and advertising across and our social channels.”

michael-wann-tastemadeMike Wann, Head of Business Development & Strategy, Tastemade said, “It has been a challenge to get a full view of your audience across every screen and distributor. We’ve been enthusiastic working with Nielsen Digital Content Ratings to begin truly unlocking the value of our community wherever they are.”


Author: Revati Nair

Revz to her friends, Revati is a graduate in Media and a shutterbug. She’s been writing for some time now, and has trained as a photojournalist with a leading daily newspaper too. Twitter: @NairRevati

About the author

Revati Nair

Revz to her friends, Revati is a graduate in Media and a shutterbug. She's been writing for some time now, and has trained as a photojournalist with a leading daily newspaper too. Twitter: @NairRevati

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