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Discovery Digital Networks launches SEEKER VR on YouTube

Written by Revati Nair

SEEKER VR, a robust VR and 360-degree content offering platform that extends the incredible storytelling and sense of adventure that Seeker is known for, was launched by Discovery Digital Networks on YouTube. It will feature content from a vast community of fun-loving, popular digital storytellers, including Juan-Peter (JP) Schulze, Jason Silva and Louis Cole. These specially selected creators travel to all corners of the world bringing their remarkable experiences to life and to millions of viewers, equipped with custom, proprietary VR equipment, and supported by Seeker’s award-winning editorial and production teams.



Suzanne Kolb, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Discovery Digital Networks said, “Seeker is dedicated to producing and empowering the most interesting, engaging and thought-provoking content in science and exploration. One of the great ways to achieve that mission is to employ every storytelling technology we can and that certainly includes VR. We’re thrilled to bring original VR programming produced by our outstanding team and our talented creative partners to Seeker’s 46M+ subscribers while also attracting new viewers.”

Leading the launch of SEEKER VR is the mesmerizing EDGE OF THE EARTH, the network’s desire to push the boundaries of VR with Seeker’s first experiment in producing 360-degree video in extreme conditions. The thrilling experience brings viewers alongside a weather balloon propelling them 114,000 feet above the earth, breaking through a raincloud that is audibly sleeting before emerging into the upper atmosphere. Guided narration coupled with a gauge displaying altitude, speed and temperature accompanies viewers along this amazing journey, capturing important points of reference – including the cruising altitude of a commercial jet and the height of Mount Everest.

A Seeker preview:

Other experiences from SEEKER VR available at launch include:

  • RHINOS ON THE MOVE: It took a village – and elephants! – to transport Nepalese rhinos more than 250 miles where they’re forming a new population. Discovery Communications supported WWF on a translocation earlier this year – and Seeker’s cameras captured it all.
  • SURF SCHOOL WITH KYLE THIERMANN: Pro surfer Kyle takes us to his hometown beach in Santa Cruz, California, and teaches viewers how to catch waves in this incredible immersive tutorial.
  • INSIDE THE ARCTIC DOOMSDAY SEED VAULT: Go inside the ‘Doomsday Vault’ formally known as The Global Seed Vault on the remote Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard. We reveal the vaults significance to food security and why Syria withdrew seeds from the vault for the very first time in history.

 HEARING COLORS: Synesthesia is a neurological condition of “joined senses” – where one sense leads to the involuntary trigger of a second sense. For violinist Kaitlyn Hova, this means she sees colors when she hears music. See what Kaitlyn sees as she performs Vivaldi.

SEEKER VR is available on YouTube and through YouTube for Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, and Oculus Rift. 

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